How to use Google Photos with iPhone

Google Photos

Fans of Google services are not locked into using iCloud Photos to backup their images. Google Photos offers 15 GB of free storage and many features such as Google Lens, facial recognition, and image compression options. The iPhone can be configured to automatically upload pictures to Google Photos instead of the iCloud Photo Library.

How to stop apps from tracking iPhone activity


Apple offers many new privacy options in the latest version of iOS. One of these is better transparency when it comes to apps tracking your activity between apps and on the web. Now thanks to App Privacy cards, developers must reveal what personal information is collected. Apps can also be granted permission to track activities on a case-by-case basis.

For those not interested in allowing any apps to track their information between other apps or in web browsers, tracking can be switched off completely.

How to turn off Control Center in iPhone apps

Control Center 3

Some apps and games on the iPhone and iPad require intense swiping near the edges of the screen. In some cases, these gestures can invoke the Control Center accidentally. Opening the Control Center within running apps can be convenient, but it can also get in the way of gaming or other activities. For iPhone and iPad users running into this problem, the Control Center can be switched off while apps are open.

Click here for help on customizing the buttons in Control Center.

How to use new Siri voices on iPhone


Apple continues to improve Siri's capabilities and with iOS 14.5 the voice assistant gets brand new voice options. The revamped voices are in the English language, with both a female and male addition. These updated voices are recorded from live speakers, then processed using Apple's Neural text to speech engine. The engine helps spontaneously generated phrases sound more realistic, delivering smoother speech that flows naturally.

How to delete Google Maps history on iPhone

Google Maps

Like many apps, Google Maps keeps a complete history of locations and addresses on your iPhone. In fact, the history includes searches, shared locations, and reviews. Google Maps makes it possible to remove history entries by time frame, by individual location, or wipe the entire history on record.

Just like you can delete location history from Apple Maps, Google Maps offers a similar function. Follow these steps to delete Google Maps history on iPhone:


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