How to show Celsius in Weather on iPhone

iOS Weather app

iPhone apps such as Weather normally use local units to display temperature. While most of the world uses the Celsius scale, there are notable exceptions such as the United States. In these places, iOS uses the Fahrenheit scale automatically. For anyone more familiar with degrees centigrade, or interested in seeing temperatures in °C, switching units only takes a few taps.

How to use Siri with a face-down iPhone


Ever notice that Hey Siri does not respond when the iPhone is face-down on a table? In fact, this can happen in a pocket, bag, or any situation where the front of the iPhone is covered up. This is a feature of iOS, which shuts off Hey Siri automatically when the iPhone is face-down. Placing the device in this position is the quickest way to disable Hey Siri at any time.

How to take burst photos on iPhone 11

Burst photos iPhone

Capturing burst photos on the iPhone camera means holding down the shutter release button in the iOS camera. All this changed with the launch of the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Apple changed the press and hold gesture to create QuickTake videos instead. But fear not, burst mode is still accessible on the iPhone 11 and later.

How to order Uber Pet

Uber Pet

Uber added the ability to request pet friendly rides in 2019. Previously riders had to clear pet passengers with drivers, but can now pay an additional $3 to $5 to travel with their furry friends. Uber Pet is not required for service animals because state and federal laws prohibit drivers from refusing rides to riders with disabilities. A "service animal" is any animal that’s "trained to work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability," according to the Uber guidelines. Riders can ask "if the animal required because of a disability," and "what tasks it has been trained to perform." No special vests, tags or any other kind of proof is required to identify that the animal is a service animal.


How to delete a Twitter account on iPhone


Some iPhone owners are tired of the relentless stream of commentary on social media. If Twitter is taking up too much time, or tweets are getting you down, the service provides an easy way to deactivate your account. Accounts that are accidentally or wrongfully deactivated can be restored within 30 days before they are wiped. For anyone ready to throw in the towel on their twitter handle, accounts can be deleted in a few steps.


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