How to turn on the iPhone thesaurus

iOS Look Up

One of the more useful built-in features of iOS is the dictionary. Looking up words on the iPhone is easy with a long press or by using 3D Touch. Since the launch of iOS 12, Apple has added a new feature to the built-in dictionary. Users can quickly access a thesaurus as well. This makes it possible to find similar words or synonyms that are related to the target word.

How to turn off 'Hey Siri' on iPhone

Hey Siri iOS

Sometimes Siri has a habit of butting into conversations, or in the recent case of the UK Defense Minister, interrupting speeches to Parliament. While Apple has been working to reduce the instances of Hey Siri being invoked by accident, there are times when iPhone owners want to make sure that Siri keeps quiet. Hey Siri can be incredibly helpful in a hands-free situation. There is, however, a simple way to disable Hey Siri when needed.


How to use trackpad without 3D Touch on iPhone

iOS keyboard trackpad 3D Touch

There was a time when quickly moving the iOS keyboard cursor was impossible. Back in 2012 the jailbreak tweak SwipeSelection showed iPhone users there was a better way. Apple added its own trackpad mode with the introduction of 3D Touch. The iPhone 6s was first to support the feature, which converts the keyboard into a trackpad for moving the cursor quickly around text.

How to silence notifications on your iOS device

Quiet Notifications

iOS 12 introduces the ability to "tune" your notifications from the Notifications Center. Swiping left on an notification or a group of notifications will now bring up 3 options: Manage, View, Clear All. Tapping "Manage" gives you the option to deliver notifications quietly. Quiet notifications will still appear in the notification center but will not play a sound, appear on your Lock screen, or present a banner or badge icon.

How to change the default list in Reminders

Reminders iOS icon

Creating new lists in the Reminders app can help keep everything organized. One of the great features of iOS is the capability to create reminders from content in other apps, or by dictating a reminder to Siri. iOS automatically puts these reminders into a default list. When first starting up iOS the default list is set to "Reminders".


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