How to manage app downloads with 3D Touch

3D Touch app update shortcuts

Setting up a new iPhone with iCloud backup? Have a ton of apps waiting to be updated in the App Store? There's a 3D Touch shortcut for that. A few taps can tell iOS which apps are the most important, so you can get back to using them more quickly. For starters, all pending app updates can be installed with one deep press on the App Store icon.

How to update iPhone apps in one quick step

App Store update purchased

For iPhone, Pad, and iPod touch owners with many apps installed, it seems there's a never ending stream of updates pushed by developers. Most of these updates come in the form of minor bug fixes and improvements, with a constant nagging red notification bubble on the App Store icon. Just opening the App Store to see what's available under the Updates tab takes up valuable time.

How to delete messages in Gmail with a swipe

Delete Gmail

Swiping on a message in the Gmail app does not send that message to the Trash like one would assume, instead swiping on a message sends it to your "archives." It is a counterintuitive feature Google has built into the Gmail app. To delete a message you must individually open that, or you can perform a long press to open a toolbar with the trash can icon. Swiping left or right on an email to quickly send it to the trash seems like such a much more natural way to delete a message, and you can, but first you must reconfigure your Gmail to stop archiving your messages. Here's how:



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