How to contact 911 from the Uber app

Uber 911

The Uber Safety Toolkit includes the ability to quickly contact 911 if you're having an emergency while using the ride sharing service. When using the 911 button in Uber, the app will give you a location, vehicle information and license plate number so you can share it with the 911 dispatcher. This will allow emergency services to locate you faster.


How to schedule Dark Mode on your iPhone or iPad

Dark Mode

One of the most talked about features introduced in iOS 13 is system-wide Dark Mode. The inverted color scheme is no longer relegated to only third-party apps. It has been integrated throughout iOS including most stock apps, settings and system-level views. You can choose when to give your eyes a rest by manually enabling Dark Mode or schedule it like Night Shift to switch over at night. You can also create your own schedule and choose how dark you want your device to become.


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