How to see already purchased apps on iPhone

App Store purchases

The iOS App Store can be used to find an app that was previously installed on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Viewing a list of past app purchases makes it possible to quickly and easily reinstall an app. A collection of apps associated with one Apple ID can even be searched for a specific app owned by the account.

How to change the default email address on iPhone

iOS share sheet Mail

Sharing from an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch offers many options. One of the oldest and most useful in many cases is still email. If your iOS device has several accounts configured in Mail, it's possible to send content from Apple and third-party apps using any of these email addresses. When a new message is composed, the iPhone automatically uses one of the accounts.

How to limit Fortnite and other apps on the iPhone and iPad

Screen Time

Apple really dropped the ball with its Screen Time feature. Instead of allowing users to limit time spent using an individual app or game, Screen Time only allows users to set daily time limits for app categories. This means parents can't limit how long their children play Fortnite or use Snapchat.

While Screen Time is very useful for monitoring how much you use your iPhone or iPad, it is pretty useless where it should have counted mos. Screen Time should have given iOS users the ability to limit time spent on individual apps/games, and the ability to set specific times when apps could be accessed, like after school hours. What's the point of knowing your screen time breakdown if you can't do much with that knowledge?

How to turn off stereo on AirPods / headphones

iPhone stereo speakers

AirPods and headphones connected to the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch normally deliver audio in full stereo. In fact, even the external speakers on recent models offer stereo sound. However, there are times when mono audio may be preferred. One reason why iPhone owners might disable stereo would be to share AirPods or a single set of headphones between two people.


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