How to opt out of T-Mobile price increases


T-Mobile is making changes that will impact subscribers' monthly phone bills, increasing costs per line between $5 and $10 per month. Those on older T-Mobile smartphone plans may soon find themselves switched to a newer, more expensive plan without their consent. While these involuntary "upgrades" are coming, there is a way to prevent this. Users can opt-out of these plan changes, and keep their existing data plan moving forward.

T-Mobile Plans to automatically migrate customers on older plans to newer, costlier ones with "more benefits". The plans affected by these changes include ONE, Simple Choice / Select Choice, Magenta, and Magenta 55+. These plans are to be switched over to Essentials Select / Magenta, Go5G, Go5G 55+, and Go5G respectively.

Notifications about the impending changes will begin on October 17 via text messages and emails, with migration timing based on the bill cycle. If T-Mobile customers are interested in upgrading their plan to the latest version, then no action is required and service will be migrated. When this takes effect, the new billing terms and cost will also go through.

Otherwise, opting out requires customers to wait until after October 17 to contact T-Mobile. When talking to the company, make sure to ask for an opt-out code to be added to your account. Options to opt-out include the following:

Once the opt-out has been completed, T-Mobile subscribers can check their account to confirm. Sign in to T-Mobile and navigate to Add-Ons -> Services. The option SC Migration Output should be checked. With the opt-out in place, T-Mobile customers can grandfather in their current plan and avoid billing increases for the time being.