How to adjust bokeh and focus on iPhone photos

iPhone Camera app

One of the best features of the iPhone camera is Portrait mode. By simulating an expensive DSLR camera and lens setup, images captured in Portrait mode blur the background, highlighting the subject and providing a more professional result. Those shooting in Portrait mode may not even realize this setting has more to offer when editing photos.

The background blur, or bokeh, is not fixed as it would be when capturing images using different aperture (or f-stop) settings. In fact, on the iPhone, the background blurriness can be adjusted after the picture is taken.

How to stop Threads from posting on Instagram and Facebook


Threads has responded to user complaints by introducing a new privacy option, which allows users to disable the automatic sharing of Threads posts on Instagram and Facebook. Seeking to boost the popularity of its new platform Threads, Meta displayed suggested posts on other Meta-owned apps. This move triggered criticism from users, who were automatically enrolled in external sharing.

Apple's tips for buying a used iPhone

Used iPhone 13 mini

Navigating the world of pre-owned iPhones takes some research, but Apple has made the task easier by providing new guidelines on the process. To avoid the pitfalls of a malfunctioning device or an old battery the company recommends to start with the basics. Confirm the phone powers on, ensure an undamaged display, and verify the functionality of the Lightning connector. When a device is purchased online, choosing a reputable reseller with trusted reviews and a good return policy takes care of this part.

How to use Roadside Assistance via satellite on iPhone

iOS Roadside assistance via Satellite

Apple and AAA have joined forces to offer a solution for iPhone users facing car trouble in areas with no cellular coverage. For owners of the iPhone 14 or later, Roadside Assistance via satellite promises to make getting stranded in remote areas a bit less difficult. For compatibility, your iPhone must support Emergency SOS via satellite, which is limited to the United States and available for all iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 models running iOS 17 or later. Travelers visiting the US can also take advantage of this feature.


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