How to use Spatial Video Recording on iPhone

Apple Spatial Video recording

The recent iOS 17.2 update has ushered in an era of advanced videography for iPhone users, especially for owners of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro Max. A standout feature in this update is Spatial Video recording, designed to create immersive, three-dimensional video experiences. Using this feature can transform videos into dynamic, engaging content.

Spatial Video is not just a new feature; it represents a paradigm shift in how we capture and experience video content. It adds a layer of depth and realism to your recordings, offering a 3D-like experience when viewed on compatible devices like the Apple Vision Pro headset. This technology goes beyond traditional videography, providing viewers with a more engaging and realistic representation of the filmed environment.

Getting started with Spatial Video is a seamless process. By navigating to Settings -> Camera and Formats, users can easily toggle on Spatial Video for Apple Vision Pro. However, the magic truly happens during the recording process. To capture the best spatial videos, stability is crucial. Using a tripod or maintaining a steady hand, particularly in landscape mode, can significantly enhance the quality of your recordings. Moreover, considering each minute of Spatial Video occupies about 130MB of storage, it’s wise to be mindful of your device's storage capacity.

After recording, the viewing and editing process is where Spatial Videos shine. Though these videos appear normal on the iPhone, their immersive quality is unleashed when viewed with the Vision Pro headset. For creators looking to refine their content, compatible editing software can enhance the videos' quality. It's also worth noting that while the 3D effect is exclusive to certain devices, standard edits can amplify the overall appeal of the videos. Sharing these videos with other iPhone users introduces them to a new realm of videography, though the immersive effect is best experienced on compatible headsets.

This feature opens up a world of possibilities, allowing users to turn everyday moments into immersive experiences. With Spatial Video, your iPhone becomes a powerful tool in creating content that not only captures moments but also captivates the audience.