How to use Maps for offline navigation on iPhone

Apple Maps iOS 17 and later

Apple has brought offline maps to Apple Maps with the launch of iOS 17. This feature simplifies navigation in unfamiliar areas, cuts data usage, and helps to prevent getting lost in areas with weak network signals. Maps for areas of interest can be downloaded in advance when a data connection is available. Just keep in mind that real-time information like traffic incidents may not be available on offline maps.

Find a Playstation 5, Xbox X and other hard-to-find products with this holiday-saving app

Just in time for last-minute holiday shopping, product tracking service is back on the Apple App Store. The latest version of the whohasit app offers improved navigation, a more intuitive interface and, as always, monitors dozens of online retailers and delivers notifications directly to your iPhone or other iOS device the moment the item you’re looking for becomes available.

5 useful apps to introduce you to AR (Augmented Reality)

5 apps to introduce you to augmented reality (AR) on iPhone and iPad.

The first augmented reality (AR) app that most of us heard of (whether we realized it was AR or not) was likely Pokèmon Go. The game was a worldwide sensation turned spectacle as news channels shared stories of people walking into walls or worse, and getting into car accidents while chasing and collecting the Pokèmon creatures in the real-world environment.

App Review: Stephen Hawking's Pocket Universe

Pocket Universe iOS app

With the recent passing of physics legend Stephen Hawking, many are revisiting his accomplishments or becoming curious about his discoveries for the first time. Among his many achievements, Hawking launched an iOS app to help anyone interested in physics to learn about the latest developments in the field. Pocket Universe is an updated digital version of Hawking's bestselling book A Brief History of Time.

Best Free Holiday Shopping Apps for the iPhone and iPad

The holiday shopping season has officially begun, and most shoppers are not only searching for the best deals, but they are also looking for the easiest ways to complete their shopping lists. iOS devices were once again the most popular tools for most Black Friday shoppers this year, and it's safe to assume the trend will continue throughout 2012. Here are a few apps that will allow you to gain an edge, save some money and keep organized this holiday shopping season.

Best iPhone Shopping Apps

FastMall - (iPhone and iPad) - Perfect for the reluctant shopper who hates navigating unfamiliar stores during the holidays. FastMall helps you get in and out of shopping malls quickly by giving you turn-by-turn directions to bathrooms, stores, and restaurants. It also helps you remember where you parked your cae, and can direct you to elevators and escalators for quick escapes from crowded shopping centers.


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