How to add a vaccine passport to Wallet on iPhone

Apple Wallet

Vaccination cards are just paper and they aren't always the correct size to fit in a wallet. Some have taken photos or scans of their card to store in the iPhone Photos app. This is the simplest way to keep a copy of your vaccination card with you at all times. For more convenience and better verification, there is a way to add proof of vaccination to your Wallet app.

How to use separation alerts on iPhone

Notify when left behind

The Find My app can help locate any Apple device linked to iCloud. With iOS 15, the app gains a new feature that automatically warns you if a device gets left behind. Separation alerts can be set up for Mac, iPad, AirTag, and more.

Whenever your other hardware gets too far from the iPhone, iOS sends a notification. These alerts can also be set up directly on Apple Watch, iPad, and Macs running the latest version of macOS.

Follow these steps to activate separation alerts in Find My on iPhone:

How to get emergency alert test messages on iPhone

FEMA test iPhone

Earlier this month, the US government tested the Wireless Emergency Alert system. Many iPhone users may be wondering why they did not receive the test message. Some alert types can be switched off entirely in Settings. Check here to see if emergency alerts are switched off on your iPhone.

How to fix Chromecast not found in Google Home app

Google Home can't find Chromecast

The Google Home app is used on iPhone to detect and set up smart home devices including the Google Chromecast. Older Chromecast models, such as the first generation may have trouble during setup. There are several steps you can take to help correct the problem, and find the Chromecast in the Google Home app.

To troubleshoot the setup process, make sure the Chromecast has a flashing white LED when plugged into the TV and a power source. Otherwise reboot the Chromecast, or factory reset it by holding the Chromecast button for 20 seconds.


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