How to use the tip calculator on Apple Watch

Apple Watch calculator

Many Apple Watch owners don't realize there's a calculator app installed on their device. With one tap, the Apple Watch delivers a keypad much like an 80s calculator watch. This is a good way to quickly make some calculations without the trouble of pulling out your iPhone. But it gets even better with a special feature.

For those who like to calculate a gratuity before they drop cash at a restaurant or bar, there are plenty of app options including the stock Calculator app. Even simpler is the built-in Apple Watch tip calculator.

Follow these steps to quickly do the math for a tip, or even to split a bill on Apple Watch:

  1. Launch the Calculator app
  2. Apple Watch calculator 1
  3. Enter the check amount
  4. Apple Watch calculator
  5. Tap the TIP button
  6. Apple Watch calculator 2
  7. Use the Digital Crown to select a tip percentage
  8. Apple Watch calculator 3
  9. Tap People and use the Digital Crown to split the bill
  10. Apple Watch calculator 4
  11. The Tip, Total, and amount due for each person is displayed