Use the Apple Watch for TV Remote Control

Apple Watch remote control

Soon a long list of devices throughout the home and auto will be remotely controlled. While many are already accustomed to using iPhone and iPad apps for remote control, Apple Watch adds a new dimension of convenience. TV remotes in particular can be eliminated thanks to the Apple Watch. Here are a few different ways that Apple Watch owners can guide their viewing experience directly from the wrist.

1. The Peel Smart Remote and TV Guide provides personalized recommendations and reminders, but that's just the beginning. The app works with the Pronto device, which uses a 360-degree infrared blaster to control TVs and other electronics. With Pronto installed, set top boxes, TVs, DVD players and the like can all be controlled using the iPhone. An upcoming update will add Apple Watch functionality to the app.

Roomie Remote apple watch

2. Roomie Remote provides Wi-Fi control of compatible devices around the house, including a variety of TV-related ones. For example Roku, Dish Network, TiVo and DIRECTV can be operated using Roomie Remote on Apple Watch. Infrared control can be added using a Roomie Blaster, which is additional hardware. The Apple Watch app is available now, and includes access to Rooms, Activities, and Virtual Remotes.

Samsung remote apple watch
3. Owners of compatible Samsung televisions can use the SamMote app to control their TV. The app features a widget for quick access on the iPhone, and makes it possible to use Apple Watch as a remote. Multiple TVs can be controlled from the Apple Watch.

4. Apple's Remote app for Apple Watch will bring control of Apple TV directly to the wrist. Apple TV owners can already enjoy using their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as an Apple TV remote.

Apple Watch GoPro remote

5. Bonus: Sure, Apple Watch can remotely control the iPhone camera. But now GoPro owners can remote control their GoPro video capture with 10 for GoPro. This app makes it possible to create content instead of just watching, right from the Apple Watch. Live preview, recording controls, and instant sharing are all features that 10 brings to GoPro users' wrists.