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How to delete apps from Apple Watch

Apple Watch grid view apps

Many iPhone apps have companion Apple Watch apps. Some of these apps bring additional functions to the Apple Watch, while others don't add much. Some Apple Watch users prefer to receive notifications from apps on the watch but launch apps solely on the iPhone. In any case, if you find there are too many apps installed on your Apple Watch they can be removed.

Spotify app coming to Apple Watch

Spotify Apple Watch Snowy Spotty

Spotify fans, especially those who subscribe to its Premium service, can listen to music across iOS devices. But when it comes to using Spotify on Apple Watch, not so much. This is all set to change according to Snowy developer Andrew Chang, who announced a collaboration with Spotify make his watchOS app official.

Square Enix teases new Chaos Rings spin-off for the Apple Watch

Cosmos Rings Teaser

Gaming on the Apple Watch never really took off like some people originally predicted that it would after the wearable device was launched in 2015, but Final Fantasy creator Square Enix plans to change that with a new title called, Cosmos Rings. The teaser website for the upcoming game is very vague, only listing the title, genre (RPG) and platform (Apple Watch). Andrew Hoyle from CNET thinks Cosmos Rings will be some kind of GPS-based game like Pokémon Go, and Touch Arcade believes it is meant to be a Chaos Rings' spin-off.

Outlook for Apple Watch continues to improve

MSFT Outlook watchOS

Microsoft continues to update and improve the Outlook email app for Apple Watch. Recently owners of the watch have been able to enjoy replying to emails without ever looking at the iPhone. In addition to using Siri to reply to email, Outlook 1.3.7 users can quickly check their Inbox or calendar from a glance. The app also pushes interactive, custom notifications to the Apple Watch.

Use the Apple Watch for TV Remote Control

Apple Watch remote control

Soon a long list of devices throughout the home and auto will be remotely controlled. While many are already accustomed to using iPhone and iPad apps for remote control, Apple Watch adds a new dimension of convenience. TV remotes in particular can be eliminated thanks to the Apple Watch. Here are a few different ways that Apple Watch owners can guide their viewing experience directly from the wrist.

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