Spotify app coming to Apple Watch

Spotify Apple Watch Snowy Spotty

Spotify fans, especially those who subscribe to its Premium service, can listen to music across iOS devices. But when it comes to using Spotify on Apple Watch, not so much. This is all set to change according to Snowy developer Andrew Chang, who announced a collaboration with Spotify make his watchOS app official.

According to the Snowy project website, the Apple Watch app features an offline mode, which makes it possible to listen to Spotify tracks without a iPhone nearby. Playback is compatible with Siri and the app offers complications for the watch face.

The highlights of Snowy have been detailed by 9to5mac, back when the app was still called Spotty. Copyright concerns with the name and the similarity of its interface to the Spotify iOS app postponed the release date. The latest news from Chang puts Snowy back on track for integration into the official Spotify Music app:

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be working closely with Spotify to bring Snowy to the Apple Watch as part of an official Spotify iOS app. Spotify’s powerful iOS SDK made it possible to develop Snowy, but I can’t wait to take things to the next level with the expertise and tools available at Spotify. While I can’t give any estimates as to when it’ll be available, you can rest assured that a Spotify Apple Watch companion app is in the pipeline.

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users can get Spotify Music on iTunes for free. Installation requires iOS 8.0 or later and 129 MB of storage space. Users can stream music for free or sign up for Spotify Premium at a monthly cost.