How to disable Spotify autoplay on iPhone

Spotify boombox

Like many streaming services, Spotify continues to play music after your album or playlist ends. Tracks similar to the songs you've already heard are picked by Spotify's algorithms to provide nonstop listening. Sometimes the automatic selections match so well that listeners don't even notice the playlist has ended. Some Spotify users prefer to hear an album or playlist and enjoy the silence when it's over. Autoplay settings can be customized in the Spotify app.

You can prevent Spotify from playing more songs after your chosen tracks have ended on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Follow these steps to turn off Spotify autoplay:

  1. Open Spotify and navigate to the Home tab. Tap the Settings (gear) icon at the top
  2. Disable Spotify autoplay
  3. Tap Playback
  4. Stop Spotify autoplay
  5. Toggle Autoplay -> OFF (grey switch)
  6. Turn off Spotify autoplay

After autoplay is toggled off in Spotify settings, Spotify will stop playing when your chosen music ends.