How to fix Shazam tracks not updating in Spotify

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With Shazam linked to Spotify's massive library of content, playing tracks from Shazam is seamless. Another reason to link your Spotify account to Shazam is to keep a running playlist of the songs you've identified. Sometimes this feature doesn't work as expected, and the Spotify playlist My Shazam Tracks does not update properly.

Turn on Auto-add in Shazam

First check that your Spotify account is linked to Shazam and that auto-add is enabled:

  1. Launch Shazam and open the Library
  2. Tap the gear for Settings
  3. Auto-add Shazams to Spotify must be switched ON
  4. Auto-add Shazams

Reset the Shazam playlist and link to Spotify

If new Shazams are still not appearing in My Shazam Tracks automatically, reset the link between Spotify and Shazam. Follow these steps to reset the My Shazam Tracks playlist in Spotify and re-connect:

  1. Launch Spotify and navigate to Your Library -> Playlists -> My Shazam Tracks
  2. Relink Spotify account to Shazam 2
  3. Tap the menu button (...) at top right
  4. Relink Spotify account to Shazam 3
  5. Scroll down and select Delete playlist
  6. Relink Spotify account to Shazam 4
  7. Confirm by tapping Delete
  8. Relink Spotify account to Shazam 5
  9. Once the playlist is removed, open the Shazam app
  10. Disconnect Spotify from Shazam and confirm
  11. Relink Spotify account to Shazam 6
  12. Now re-link your Spotify account to Shazam. Make sure to enable Auto-add Shazams to Spotify
  13. My Shazam Tracks will reappear in Spotify playlists, and will auto-update with new Shazams