How to use the Spotify equalizer to customize audio

Spotify equalizer 1

Spotify recently announced it has surpassed 100 million paid subscribers. How many of these music listeners know there's a built-in audio equalizer right in the Spotify app? iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners can choose from a selection of presets for different sound content, or customize audio frequencies manually.

The Spotify equalizer can be enabled or disabled with a single toggle. Once activated, changes to the equalizer are applied in real time.

To use the Spotify equalizer and fine tune sound output follow these steps:

  1. Launch Spotify and tap the Settings gear
  2. Spotify equalizer 2
  3. Select Playback
  4. Spotify equalizer 3
  5. Tap Equalizer
  6. Spotify equalizer 4
  7. Toggle the Equalizer ON (green switch)
  8. Spotify equalizer 5
  9. Choose an equalizer preset or tap and drag to manually adjust each frequency
  10. Spotify equalizer 6

When audio content is playing in Spotify and the equalizer is enabled, changes to the frequency levels or presets will be heard immediately.