How to play Spotify albums and playlists offline

Spotify play dowloaded songs

Spotify streams audio from anywhere with a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. The disk cache prevents skipping when a connection is interrupted, but not for long. In situations with spotty service or no data, music fans can actually listen to their favorite tunes offline. To save storage space, Spotify does not automatically download any songs to the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. But anyone interested in playing specific albums or playlists can download them for ultimate flexibility.

Once an album or playlist is downloaded, it plays from a local file on the iPhone, no online connection required. Downloaded songs can be removed from your device at any time, freeing up storage space.

Follow these steps to download Spotify content to your iPhone to play offline:

  1. Launch Spotify and open Your Library tab
  2. Spotify My Library
  3. Open a Playlist or Album to download
  4. Toggle the Download switch to ON (green)
  5. Spotify download Hank
  6. The songs will download in the background when connected to Wi-Fi
  7. Spotify downloading
  8. Downloaded content shows a green check mark
  9. Spotify downloaded album icon
  10. To play only songs you have downloaded, first tap the Home tab
  11. Tap the gear icon for Settings
  12. Spotify Settings
  13. Choose Playback
  14. Spotify Playback settings
  15. Toggle the Offline switch to ON (green)
  16. Spotify only play downloaded songs