Square Enix teases new Chaos Rings spin-off for the Apple Watch

Cosmos Rings Teaser

Gaming on the Apple Watch never really took off like some people originally predicted that it would after the wearable device was launched in 2015, but Final Fantasy creator Square Enix plans to change that with a new title called, Cosmos Rings. The teaser website for the upcoming game is very vague, only listing the title, genre (RPG) and platform (Apple Watch). Andrew Hoyle from CNET thinks Cosmos Rings will be some kind of GPS-based game like Pokémon Go, and Touch Arcade believes it is meant to be a Chaos Rings' spin-off.

Chaos Rings is an RPG developed by the Japanese game developer Media.Vision and published by Square Enix. The game was originally released for iOS in 2010, and it has spawned several sequels. Square Enix pulled most of the Chaos Rings titles from the App Store after the game's started having issues due to the release of iOS 9. Only Choas Rings III remains available on the App Store at this time.

Touch Arcade noted that Cosmos Rings shares some of the same creators from the Chaos Rings' development team, including producer Takehiro Ando, scenario writer Yukinori Kitajima and character artist Yusuke Naora.

It will be interesting to see if Square Enix can break the code for games on the Apple Watch. The only other studio who has made any headway with Apple Watch titles is Everywear Games with the release of Runeblade and Time Unit.

Cosmos Rings is listed at "coming soon" on the official website.