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App of the Week: Runeblade for Apple Watch


Most Apple Watch games offer quick 10-15-second mini-games that you can play on the go, but Runeblade from Everywear Games is a fantasy adventure title that you can play for months. Runeblade is still played in 5-15-second bursts, but the it features RPG-elements where players can collect and upgrade weapons, armor, spells and so on.

First Smartwatch Game Studio Announced

Everywear Games wants to be the first, and maybe only, game studio dedicated to creating mobile titles optimized for smartwatches. The Finnish company was created by a team of executives who have worked on Angry Birds and other popular mobile titles.

Everywhere Games

So far there have only been a handful of games announced for the upcoming Apple Watch. NimbleBit, the developer behind Tiny Tower, has announced that they're developing a word game called Letterpad, and Monkube plans to release a smartphone version of its game BlastBall MAX. Besides the obvious quiz games and virtual pets making a come back, there doesn't seem much else you can create for a 38mm device. With a powerful list of top gaming investors in the world behind them, Everywear Games hopes to change that notion and prove that the Apple Watch and other wearable devices are viable gaming platforms.

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