Apple to to Include Yelp Check-Ins With New iOS 6 Maps App

I don't quite understand the fascination of broadcasting your whereabouts to everyone you know, but Apple is giving iPhone users the option to do so by adding a "Yelp Check-In" feature to its new mapping software. The new feature will allow users to easily share their location data without having to exit the Maps application.

iPhone Maps

The Yelp check-in option was discovered inside the Apple developer kits distributed to programmers earlier this month. Bloomberg examined the kit which included screen shots of the new feature within Apple Maps.

Yelp fans will be able to upload the location of local businesses that they have visited to Facebook or Twitter while using the new service. The Yelp feature can also display how many other people have checked in to the same location.

Apple Maps will replace Google Maps with the launch of iOS 6 later this year. The new default location service will feature 3D renderings in Flyover mode and turn-by-turn navigation integrated with Siri.