Rumor: Apple Working on iPhone 4S Battery Drain While Teaching Siri New Tricks

Siri still has plenty of tricks up her sleeve. According to the German website, iOS 5.1 will enable Siri to control your iPhone's hardware by the end of this year. This should allow Siri to do more than tell you where the nearest coffee shop is located by giving the voice assistant more control over your device.

Siri German

If true, iPhone 4S users will be able to ask Siri to do things like shoot video, or turn off their Bluetooth when they get home from the office. isn't known for the most accurate iPhone predictions, but Apple needs to do something to make Siri more useful. I know the novelty of the voice assistant has worn off for some.

Apple is also supposed to address the iPhone 4S battery problem before teaching Siri its new parlor tricks. claims Apple is releasing iOS 5.0.2 to fix the problem next week. Apple originally thought they solved the iPhone 4S battery issues with iOS 5.0.1, but the Apple support forums are still being flooded with complaints.

Lets hope the latest update does fix the problem, and iPhone 4S owners won't have to worry about unexplained battery drain during the holidays. Siri isn't very helpful when your iPhone is dead.