How to set up My Sports on Apple News

Apple News Sports

My Sports brings all of your favorite teams, players, and drivers together in one place. This Apple feature was launched initially in Australia, Canada, the US, and UK with iOS 16. Once My Sports is configured, it delivers all of the latest news, schedules, and scores for your favorites to apps across the Apple ecosystem.

How to switch the Always-On display to black & white

Black and white always-on iPhone display

Some iPhone owners were surprised when using the Always-On display found on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Not only does the entire screen stay on, but widgets and the time are displayed in front of a color background. Apple has taken precautions to preserve battery life, despite the default Always-On settings.

How to use the tip calculator on Apple Watch

Apple Watch calculator

Many Apple Watch owners don't realize there's a calculator app installed on their device. With one tap, the Apple Watch delivers a keypad much like an 80s calculator watch. This is a good way to quickly make some calculations without the trouble of pulling out your iPhone. But it gets even better with a special feature.

For those who like to calculate a gratuity before they drop cash at a restaurant or bar, there are plenty of app options including the stock Calculator app. Even simpler is the built-in Apple Watch tip calculator.


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