How to create a blank Home Screen on iPhone

iPhone blank home screen

Wallpapers look great on the latest iPhone displays, but they are often obscured by app icons on the Home Screen. Home Screen pages can be easily hidden and reorganized. There is also an easy way to create a blank Home Screen to show off iOS wallpapers without any apps in the way. With this trick, only the dock apps remain at the bottom of the screen.

How to disable Live Text on iPhone photos

Live Text iPhone Photos

The iPhone automatically recognizes text within images thanks to a feature dubbed Live Text. Photos that are captured in the Camera app or viewed from the Safari web browser are analyzed in real-time. Tapping on text from the Photos app, Camera, or an image in Safari delivers a pop-up menu with actions such as Copy, Look Up, and more. While this feature can be helpful in some circumstances, other times it may get in the way. For example, when focusing a photo a single tap on any text in the field of view can derail the process.

How to hide Home Screen pages on iPhone

Hide home screen pages iOS

Some iPhone owners are drowning in apps. Apple offers several ways for users to get devices more organized. One of the simplest and most useful is folders, which have been a part of iOS since 2010. But folders can spill over into multiple Home Screens. More recently, iOS includes the App Library, a place for every installed app to be automatically categorized and stored. Apps can be hidden from the Home Screen while remaining accessible in the App Library.

How to transfer songs from Spotify to Apple Music

Free Your Music

Switching between streaming music services can be a major hassle. No matter what the reason for changing between subscriptions, it means all of your music could be lost. Hours of work spent curating playlists and selecting favorite songs and albums can disappear. Instead of starting from scratch with a new streaming music service, iPhone users have asked how songs can be transferred from one platform to a new one. Luckily there is a way that avoids manually copying playlists.

How to use Face ID with a mask on iPhone

Face ID setup

Many iPhone users have struggled with Face ID unlocking while wearing a mask. Apple Watch owners already can unlock their iPhone from their wrists, even with a mask on. It becomes more difficult when Face ID has trouble recognizing your features because half of your face is obscured. Although some have already had success training Face ID to work with a mask, the feature is now officially supported by Apple.

There are two requirements needed to unlock the iPhone using Face ID with a mask:


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