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Apple News launches 'Democratic Hopefuls' guide ahead of first 2020 debate

2020 Democratic Hopefuls

Apple has rolled out a new "Democratic Hopefuls" section in its News app to help voters familiarize themselves with the 20-plus candidates vying for the 2020 Democratic nomination. Things can feel a bit muddled with candidates ranging from Obama's VP, Joe Biden to the "socialist democratic" senator, Bernie Sanders. The Apple News Spotlight aims to provide voters a “robust and reliable” resource for the crowded Democratic field, according to Lauren Kern, Apple News editor-in-chief.

Apple launches News+ subscription magazines

Apple News+ announcement

Apple launched a new subscription service today, providing access to over 300 magazines from the Apple News app. Starting a premium subscription to Apple News+ happens from directly within Apple News, alongside free content. Like other Apple services, News+ delivers expert curated content that is personalized, private and secure.


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