Apple launches News+ subscription magazines

Apple News+ announcement

Apple launched a new subscription service today, providing access to over 300 magazines from the Apple News app. Starting a premium subscription to Apple News+ happens from directly within Apple News, alongside free content. Like other Apple services, News+ delivers expert curated content that is personalized, private and secure.

Advertiser tracking in News+ is not allowed, and Apple does not know what subscribers in the Apple News app are reading. Family Sharing is included, meaning that family members can all read magazine and newspaper content with a single subscription.

The service initially launches in the US and Canada, with the UK and Australia coming in fall 2019. Canadian subscribers can access content in both English and French.

At launch, News+ offers more than 300 magazines and two newspapers: The Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times. The magazines available cover many different topics, including news and politics, fashion, entertainment, science and more.

How much does Apple News+ cost?

Apple News+ delivers the first month free, with subscriptions costing $9.99 per month including Family Sharing. Apple claims that annual subscriptions to every title available in News+ would cost over $8,000 per year.