Apple launches News+ subscription magazines

Apple News+ announcement

Apple launched a new subscription service today, providing access to over 300 magazines from the Apple News app. Starting a premium subscription to Apple News+ happens from directly within Apple News, alongside free content. Like other Apple services, News+ delivers expert curated content that is personalized, private and secure.

Hide the iPhone Newsstand App Without Jailbreaking

One of the things about iOS 5 and iOS 6 that drives some iPhone owners crazy is the fact that the Newsstand icon will not go inside a folder. There's a timing trick that moves Newsstand into a folder but this can be difficult. Jailbreak solutions also exist that consolidate iBooks and Newsstand into one app. Now there's another way to hide Newsstand without jailbreaking.

hide newsstand app icon

Renowned app developer Filippo Bigarella has released StifleStand, a free software package for Mac and Windows that does just that. Once the software is downloaded to your computer and unzipped the procedure to hide Newsstand on any iOS device is simple.

New Yorker Magazine Offering One Free Issue to iPhone Owners

The New Yorker is giving away a free digital copy of its August 13 & 20, 2012 issue to anyone who downloads their new iPhone app launched on Tuesday. Users who download the app for free can buy future single issues or subscribe to a monthly or yearly membership.

Free iPhone Apps

The iPhone version features an exclusive introduction to The New Yorker app by Lena Dunham and Jon Hamm, social networking sharing, a weekly slide show of all the current issue’s cartoons, plus more. The new app also makes downloading individual issues a little lighter than before. iPad users were forced to download well over 100MB per issue, while this week's iPhone edition is only 23MB to download.

Combine iPhone Newsstand and iBooks with Booksstand

iPhone users seem to fall into two camps, those who use Newsstand and others who can't stand it and want to delete or hide the Newsstand icon in a folder. The jailbreak tweak known as Booksstand may help those in the first group, however iPhone owners with no use for Newsstand won't be converted.

Booksstand iPhone tweak jailbreak

What Booksstand does is consolidate your iBooks and Newsstand content into one place, putting shortcuts to your iBooks content in the Newsstand. When you select a book from the Newsstand, this triggers iBooks to open and the content to be displayed.

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