How to use Dark Mode with Books on iOS

Dark Mode iOS Books menu

Apple has consistently added features and content to its stock reader app. Originally known as iBooks, on iOS 12 and later the app has been renamed Books. iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users may notice that when reading, Books automatically enters a night theme when the room is dark. This Dark Mode can be manually controlled and customized directly in the Books app.

How to transfer PDFs from your Mac or PC to iBooks on your iPhone

How to transfer PDFs from a Mac or PC to iBooks on iPhone or iPad.

At some point you may find yourself with a PDF on your computer that you want to move to your iPhone or iPad so you can take it with you to read. iBooks is the preferred reader in Apple’s ecosystem, so you probably want to save it there. There are a couple ways to transfer a PDF from a Mac to your iPhone, and it is also possible to do it from a PC as well. Here’s how:

How to download and read iBooks

How to use iBooks on iPhone.

iBooks is an app you should be using on your iPhone/iPad if you are a fan of e-readers. The app offers thousands of titles from all genres in both text and audio formats. While many of the books are for purchase, there is also a sizable collection of free content. Since you don't need an internet connection once you've downloaded your book, the app is ideal for situations where you may not have a WiFi connection. Here's how to get started:

5 essential companion apps for summer reading

Summer reading apps iOS

Ah, the summertime. It means something different to nearly everyone, but book fans tend to refer to it as the absolute best time to sit outside, enjoy a drink and finally get caught up on your reading.

If you’re like many modern summer reading fans, then there is a good chance that your iOS device is a constant companion. Phones and tablets have surpassed the traditional physical book as the go-to source for reading material and, in general, offer a variety of conveniences and features designed to enhance your reading experience.

Enhanced editions of Harry Potter now available on Apple's iBooks Store

Harry Potter iBooks

Apple woke up early this morning to announce that all seven books in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series are now exclusively available on the iBooks Store. This is the first time that the Harry Potter novels are available in digital format outside the Pottermore Shop.

All seven books are available in "enhanced editions," which promise to deliver a new immersive experience to Potter fans. Each book features the full original text, exclusive custom covers, interactive animations, artwork, annotations written by Rowling herself and more.


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