How to use Dark Mode with Books on iOS

Dark Mode iOS Books menu

Apple has consistently added features and content to its stock reader app. Originally known as iBooks, on iOS 12 and later the app has been renamed Books. iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users may notice that when reading, Books automatically enters a night theme when the room is dark. This Dark Mode can be manually controlled and customized directly in the Books app.

To adjust the parameters of Dark Mode, first launch the Books app and start reading a book. Follow these steps to enable or disable automatic Dark Mode, or to change the brightness of Books on iOS:

  1. Tap the text size (AA) button to enter Books settings
  2. Dark Mode iOS Books manual control
  3. Toggle Auto-Night Theme ON or OFF
  4. Dark Mode iOS Books auto dimmer
  5. Manually choose a screen color to enter Dark Mode
  6. Dark Mode iOS Books color options
  7. Adjust brightness with the slider
  8. Dark Mode iOS Books brightness slider

Screen color and Dark Mode settings can be changed manually whenever book pages are displayed. Note that some documents viewed in Books (for example, some PDF files) may not offer Dark Mode options.