How to access Apple Music Replay for 2023

Apple Music

As the end of the year approaches, don't forget to dive into your personalized Apple Music Replay data to reveal the musical highlights of 2023. Unlike Spotify Wrapped, Apple Music Replay offers a year-round glimpse into your listening, allowing subscribers to track their musical preferences at any time.

To access your Apple Music Replay playlist for 2023, launch the Music app on your iPhone. Tap the Listen Now tab and find the Replay section, which delivers this year's playlist along with those from previous years. Subscribers can get playlists dating back to 2015, when the service was first launched by Apple.

For a more in-depth analysis of your musical preferences, venture to the Apple Music Replay website. The site makes it possible to discover additional insights into your top artists, albums, and total listening time. These data are updated weekly every Sunday until the end of the year.

Apple continues to improve Apple Music Replay, with the 2023 playlist arriving earlier than its 2022 counterpart. Apple, of course, is competing with Spotify Wrapped, which is only available for Spotify subscribers at the end of the year.

When the year is finally over, the Replay 2023 playlist will reveal the top 99 songs of the year. Since it is only November, the current count may be lower. To add Replay 2023 to your library, go to the Apple Music app, navigate to the Listen Now tab, scroll to the Replay section, tap the Replay '23 playlist, and hit the plus button. Once added, you can easily access it from the Playlists section in your library.