Apple looks to end mining in supply chain

Apple Liam robot iPhone disassembly

Apple has announced new recycling initiatives in time for today's Earth Day celebrations. The company's latest goals were revealed as part of its 2017 Environmental Responsibility Report, covering fiscal year 2016. Apple plans to implement a completely closed-loop supply chain, which means it would no longer need to use materials acquired through mining operations.

How to recycle your Apple Watch

Apple Renew

Now that the Apple Watch has been around for a while, damaged or obsolete Apple Watch units will make their way into the waste stream. The Apple Renew program offers a convenient way to properly dispose of discarded electronics, including the Apple Watch. Apple uses several different third-party e-waste recyclers to handle different products they have manufactured. While some Apple products can be recycled for a gift card, the Apple Watch does not qualify for any payment beyond free shipping.

Apple Expands Free Recycling to All iOS Devices, Macs and PCs

Apple is celebrating Earth Day by launching a revamped reuse and recycling program for used electronics. The company is also highlighting its environmental focus in a new film titled Better. While the film mostly shows off Apple's large-scale solar arrays, the expanded recycling program continues to divert used electronics from landfills worldwide.

Apple Earth Day 2014 Recycling

The recycling program is divided into two parts. The iPod and Mobile Phone Recycling Program will accept used iPods and any manufacturer's mobile phone free of charge. Bringing an iPod to any Apple store for recycling qualifies the customer for 10 percent off the purchase of a new iPod. Apple will also pay for packaging and shipping for those who mail the iPod or mobile phone out for recycling.

Businesses Turn Old Smartphones Into Cash, Go Green with HelloTotem

It's not every day that a business finds $238,000 buried in their surplus store room, but that's essentially what recently happened to one Fortune 500 company. For many years, Totem -- an online outfit that purchases used smartphones -- has offered individual consumers the ability to trade their old phones in for cash. Now, with the launch of HelloTotem for business, both large and small companies alike can take advantage of this service to not only reap big cash benefits, but responsibly and securely recycle their unused technology.

hellototem business cell phone recyling

Many individuals have found the convenience of the process and comparatively high buy-back prices offered by Totem an attractive alternative to trying to sell their used phones on eBay or the like. Dealing with the many potential uncertainties involved when working with another private party adds logistical headaches that many consumers would just as soon avoid. From a business perspective, when tens, hundreds or even thousands of phones may be involved, attempting to sell each device to individual buyers becomes impractical at best. Enter Totem, which gives business a very viable, secure and profitable way to liquidate retired technology.

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