Apple reveals annual Environmental Progress Report

Apple Environment

Sustainability has become a top concern for many companies, and Apple is no exception. As a global technology giant, Apple has taken significant steps to reduce its environmental impact and promote sustainability across its operations. Every year, Apple releases its Environmental Progress Report to share updates on its sustainability efforts and highlight its achievements. For 2023, Apple has announced major progress towards its climate goals ahead of Earth Day.

Apple 2030 is the company's ambitious plan to become entirely carbon neutral across its entire supply chain and product life cycle by 2030. This includes not only Apple's operations and manufacturing processes but also its vast network of suppliers and partners. To achieve this goal, Apple has been investing in renewable energy projects, such as solar and wind farms, and working with suppliers to transition to clean energy sources.

The company has been focusing on using recycled materials in its products, extending the lifespan of its devices, and designing products that are more energy-efficient. For instance, Apple has developed a team of robots named Daisy, Dave, and Taz that can disassemble used iPhones to recover valuable materials for recycling. This innovative approach has helped Apple recover millions of pounds of materials such as gold, cobalt, and tungsten that would have otherwise gone to waste.

In 2022, one-fifth of all materials shipped in Apple's products came from recycled sources, which also can lower the carbon impact of these products. Utilizing renewable energy this year removed 17.4 million metric tons of carbon emissions from Apple's carbon footprint. 250 of Apple's suppliers have committed to transitioning to renewable electricity for production of Apple products.

Apple explains it has made substantial progress in water conservation, reducing water usage in its manufacturing processes and facilities. Apple has also been actively involved in forest conservation projects, protecting and restoring millions of acres of working forests around the world.

In addition to their environmental efforts, Apple is also leveraging technology to address social and environmental challenges. Apple customers can trade in their used devices at a new Trade In program landing page, and participate in celebrations for Earth Day in Apple retail stores. Users can also enjoy curated content for Earth Day on the Apple TV+ and Apple Music apps.