How to install iOS 17 developer beta for free

iOS 17 beta

Beginning with iOS 17, Apple no longer requires payment of the $99 developer fee to access developer beta software. This means anyone can use their Apple ID to give the developer beta a whirl. Beware that developer beta software can be buggy and may cause problems on your device. Make sure to use a spare device or be ready to experience unexpected behavior.

Most users should really wait until the public beta of iOS 17 is released in July. This version will be more stable and ready for a wider release, even though the official launch of iOS 17 won't come until September.

For those interested in going ahead anyway, make sure your iPhone is compatible with iOS 17. The iPhone SE (2nd generation) and later and the iPhone XR and later can install iOS 17.

If you have never linked your Apple ID to a developer account with Apple, do this first. In order to install the iOS 17 developer beta, you must use your Apple ID to sign in to Apple's developer program website and accept the terms of use. Paying the $99 is not necessary just to install the iOS 17 developer beta.

After completing the steps above, follow these instructions to install the iOS 17 developer beta on your device:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> General -> Software Update
  2. Tap Beta Updates
  3. Choose iOS 17 Developer Beta
  4. Tap Back
  5. Select Download and Install

iOS 17 was announced at WWDC23 alongside the groundbreaking Apple Vision Pro spatial computing device.

Some of the new and refined features in iOS 17 include Contact Posters, revamped autocorrect and predictive text capabilities, Standby, privacy and security improvements, better widgets, NameDrop, new AirDrop features, easier QR code scanning, new PDF features, and much, much more.