Apple reveals new platform Vision Pro at WWDC23

Apple Vision Pro spatial computer

Apple officially revealed its long-anticipated, highly advanced AR device named Vision Pro at this year's WWDC. The device rests comfortably over the user's head and offers different levels of immersion based on the software and activity being performed.

Apple Vision Pro is an innovative spatial computer that pushes the boundaries of traditional displays with its fully three-dimensional interface. It introduces a range of groundbreaking features that Apple hopes will redefine user interaction with computers. Users can control the device using only their eyes, hands, and voice. Augmented reality technology creates an immersive experience where virtual items cast realistic shadows on the surrounding environment, allowing apps to be placed anywhere in real space.

The device includes a front display called EyeSight, which projects the user's eyes to others using internal cameras. A blurred mode alerts others when the user is deeply immersed in augmented reality. For mindfulness, Vision Pro offers a private calm session, and a variety of scenic environments are available for relaxation, focus, and inspiration.

Bluetooth accessories such as the Magic Trackpad and Magic Keyboard are supported for text input and navigation. FaceTime calls can be conducted in augmented reality, with video windows sized relative to each participant. Photos and videos come to life in the user's environment, with panoramas expanding and wrapping around them. The Vision Pro camera is also a 3D camera that captures spatial images and videos, making users feel like they are part of the action. A spatial cinema feature allows for adjustable screen sizes and renders movies in 3D with spatial audio. Apple Arcade games are also playable on Vision Pro with full controller functionality.

The device can also be used as a Mac display, providing a full 4K experience. The design of Vision Pro features a single piece laminated glass, customizable headband, and comfort-enhancing soft textile parts. The device uses micro-OLED displays with 4K resolution, two Apple silicon chips, and integrated dual-driver speakers with advanced, room-mapping spatial audio for exceptional audio quality.

Vision Pro runs visionOS, a new operating system supporting foveated rendering, a multi-app 3D engine, and real-time sensor subsystems. It incorporates OpticalID for seamless authentication and prioritizes user privacy by keeping eye-tracking data private. The Vision Pro starts at $3,499 and launches in early 2024.