Siri to get major upgrade with iOS 18 and Apple Ajax

iOS 18

A recent report unveils significant AI-powered enhancements in iOS 18, particularly focusing on Siri, Spotlight Search, Messages, and Safari. These upgrades are based on on-device models, enhancing Apple's machine learning capabilities.

Siri is set to receive substantial improvements in iOS 18. Apple has developed an internal framework, Ajax, to create large language models (LLM) and streamline its machine learning efforts. Marko Zivkovic of AppleInsider reports that Siri and Safari will feature a new Intelligent Search capability, enabling them to generate summaries of any webpage or document. This feature will extend to the Messages app, allowing it to create simplified responses from message contents. On-device processing will enable offline functionality for basic tasks, while more complex replies will require server-side processing.

Spotlight Search is also expected to see significant improvements, offering more intelligent results and sorting. Although specific examples were not detailed, the upgraded Siri is anticipated to provide greater functionality than typical chatbots, leveraging on-device capabilities for enhanced performance.

Safari and Siri will benefit from AI-powered text summarization. Safari's new Intelligent Search feature will allow users to generate brief summaries of any webpage. Similarly, Siri will integrate with the Messages app to simplify message contents. This on-device processing emphasizes privacy, reducing the need for cloud-based solutions and thus enhancing user data security.

Apple's motivation to incorporate generative AI into its operating systems stems from the rising popularity of AI software. By applying LLMs, Apple aims to enhance its default applications, benefiting billions of devices worldwide. Apple's vision for AI-enhanced apps emphasizes practical benefits and user privacy. The on-device processing capabilities of Ajax, the internal AI framework, align with Apple's commitment to privacy, reducing reliance on cloud-based processing.

Apple's AI improvements are designed to compete with a plethora of AI-enabled applications and devices. By integrating AI into Siri with on-device processing, Apple aims to offer superior privacy protection and functionality without additional subscription costs. This move positions Siri as a formidable competitor against existing AI products and services.

Apple will showcase iOS 18 and its AI advancements at the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June. This event will provide concrete details on what users can expect when iOS 18 launches this fall, marking a significant step in Apple's AI journey.