Generative AI features coming to iOS 18


Apple is set to revolutionize its iOS devices with the introduction of on-device generative AI capabilities in the upcoming iOS 18. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has reported that Apple is developing a large language model (LLM) that operates directly on iOS devices, enhancing both speed and privacy. This strategic shift towards on-device processing is a departure from the typical cloud-based AI models, promising quicker response times and heightened data security, as all computations are done locally without data transmission over the internet.

The anticipated generative AI tools might initially lag behind their cloud-based counterparts in terms of raw computing power. However, Apple is reportedly considering partnerships with major AI providers like Google to incorporate technologies such as the Gemini AI engine, effectively bridging any capability gaps.

Apple's approach to AI is not just about power but usability. The focus will be on integrating AI in ways that enrich daily activities seamlessly. The AI features expected to debut at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June include sophisticated auto-responses in Messages and enhanced Siri functionalities for a more intuitive user experience.

Despite the potential limitations of on-device AI in accessing expansive databases like those used by cloud-based models, Apple’s LLM is designed to excel in various tasks. This includes generating content from prompts and improving document handling, all while ensuring that user data remains private on the device.

Furthermore, Apple’s continued investment in AI is evident from its ongoing development of both on-device and server-hosted versions of its LLM, code-named "Ajax". The integration of this technology with Apple's silicon chips ensures optimal performance across its ecosystem.

As we approach WWDC on June 10, the tech community eagerly awaits the detailed unveiling of Apple's AI strategy, which promises to extend across all its platforms, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch. This development marks a significant milestone in Apple's commitment to blending advanced technology with user-centric functionality.