How to share AirTag with other users on iPhone


Apple's AirTag has become a common go-to for item tracking, and with the release of iOS 17 users can start sharing their AirTags with family and friends. Prior to this update, AirTags could only be used with a single Apple ID, which prevented sharing their location. With iOS 17 or later installed on iPhone, an AirTag can easily be shared to track items with Find My.

AirTag sharing has often been requested by Apple customers. The process makes it easier to improve safety and security for many users, such as parents tracking an AirTag on their child's backpack. Elderly family members can carry an AirTag on their keychain, providing reassurance to loved ones that they can be located if needed.

Follow these steps to start sharing an AirTag with other users on iPhone:

  1. Launch the Find My app
  2. Open the Items tab
  3. Tap the AirTag to share
  4. Choose the Add Person button
  5. Tap Continue
  6. Enter and select the contact's name
  7. Tap the Send button

After the user accepts the invitation, they will have access to the location of the same AirTag. This feature can be useful when lending an item with an AirTag attached, as it can eliminate unnecessary tracking alerts.

For example, if you share an item with an AirTag, the person using the item won't receive warnings about an unknown AirTag being detected in their immediate area. iOS 17 sharing can also be used for other sFind My-enabled items beyond just the AirTag.