How to use Screen Distance on iPhone

Screen Distance iOS

Apple iOS offers several features designed to protect eyes, such as Night Shift, True Tone, and Dark Mode. These can help mitigate blue light exposure and adapt screen brightness. iOS 17 introduces the proactive Screen Distance feature, addressing the challenge of prolonged device usage at close range. This optional feature sends a notification when the iPhone or iPad Pro is held too close to the eyes. The feature is aimed at reducing eye strain and the risk of nearsightedness, especially in young users.

What is Safety Check on iPhone?

iCloud Safety Check

Safety Check was introduced by Apple starting with iOS 16. Safety Check provides a way to stop sharing relationships on the iPhone. If your personal Apple ID has two-factor authentication enabled, you can check whom you're sharing information with and turn off sharing of Health, Home, Shared Calendars, Shared Location and Find My, Shared Notes, and Shared Photos.


How can I turn off Crash Detection on iPhone / Apple Watch?

iOS Crash Detection

Lately there have been reports from theme parks where roller coasters are triggering iPhone Crash Detection to make emergency calls. Of course you can leave your iPhone behind or turn it completely off before riding amusements with high g-forces to avoid this. But there are other ways to disable Crash Detection on the iPhone before getting your thrills.



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