Report points to significant Apple Watch X redesign

Apple Watch Ultra

In anticipation of its upcoming 10th anniversary, the Apple Watch is poised for a significant transformation. According to insights shared by Mark Gurman in his latest Apple-focused Power On newsletter, the new Apple Watch X is projected to make its debut sometime between 2024 and 2025. This launch would mark a pivotal milestone for the wearable, which first entered the scene back in April 2015.

Unlike the incremental alterations witnessed in recent releases, the Watch X has the potential to usher in a wave of substantial enhancements. Gurman's observations suggest that the device may feature a microLED display, offering superior color rendition and clarity in comparison to the existing OLED screen. Additionally, deliberations are underway for a sleeker case design, possibly creating room for a larger battery or alternative components.

On the health monitoring front, a notable inclusion could be the capability to track blood pressure, a feature unavailable in earlier versions. In terms of design, Gurman alludes to a potential transition from the conventional slide-and-lock method for attaching watch bands to a more space-efficient magnetic attachment system. While this change might render existing bands incompatible, it could free up vital internal space.

Apple's steady dominance in the market, currently around a 25 percent share, has been achieved through gradual iterations. Recent attempts at diversification, such as the Apple Watch Ultra, have aimed to entice users with features like enhanced battery life and dual speakers. The biggest Apple Watch overhaul yet is clearly reserved for the 10th anniversary of the device.

Gurman's article hints that Apple recognizes users' slower upgrade cycle for Apple Watch as opposed to the iPhone. As the product inches closer to its 10-year milestone, the company appears committed to delivering an iteration that breaks free from the pattern of minor annual updates. Simultaneously, Apple is preparing to unveil its Apple Watch Series 9 lineup, which will offer new color variants and enhanced processors.