Will the iPhone 15 be delayed this fall?

iPhone 14 Pro

Concerns are surfacing that the highly anticipated iPhone 15 lineup could face a delay in its launch this fall, potentially pushing the release to October instead of the usual September timeframe. The claim originates from a research note by Wamsi Mohan, an Apple stock analyst renowned for his financial predictions. Although he has successfully forecasted Apple's monetary conditions in the past, his record on predicting future plans for the tech giant has been less reliable.

According to Mohan's report, supply chain sources have led him to believe that the iPhone 15 launch could be postponed by a few weeks. This prediction has raised eyebrows among industry experts, as there have been no indications of major challenges facing Apple, and preperation for September delivery has reportedly commenced on time.

Another report has suggested that the delay might be attributed to production issues caused by the new screens with slimmer bezels on the iPhone 15 Pro models. These screens have required a new manufacturing process, which could potentially lead to a shortage of units at the time of launch.

If the iPhone 15's mass production doesn't begin in August, Mohan's prediction of an October launch could hold true. This delay could have significant ramifications for Apple's financial outlook, as sales of the new iPhone may not be recorded until the December quarter, rather than the expected September one.

Mohan's estimates indicate that Apple's guidance for the September quarter could be lower than Wall Street analysts and investors had anticipated, with a projected revenue of $87.1 billion, falling short of the average expectation of $91.6 billion.

Despite the concerns raised by Mohan's report, other analysts have yet to corroborate the claim, leaving the possibility of an iPhone 15 delay still uncertain. Apple is expected to provide guidance for the September quarter when it reports its financial results for the June quarter on August 3.

As for the iPhone 15's features, it is expected to maintain a similar appearance to its predecessor, with the most significant improvements centered around the camera. The 48-megapixel camera introduced in the iPhone 14 Pro models may become a standard feature across all iPhone 15 models, while the iPhone 15 Pro Max is rumored to boast a periscope lens for enhanced optical zoom capabilities.