iPhone 12 and more to launch in October

iPad Pro

Apple looks to have a busy fall release schedule if the latest reports from around the Asian supply chain are true. Leaks point to a delay in the normal September launch of next generation iPhones, with the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro shipping in October instead. The global pandemic continues to affect supply chains and has postponed Apple's fall plans. However, the company is still expected to have its annual keynote event in early September to reveal new products.

At least three sources have been reporting on the delayed iPhone 12 launch, including Twitter leaker iHacktu Pro (@ihacktu) and Japanese site Mac Otakara. Others such as Redmond Pie have been predicting a delayed iPhone launch since the spring.

5G iPhone 12

Some sources say Apple will launch LTE iPhone models starting in October, with 5G models arriving a month later in November. Others insist that all iPhone 12 variants will feature 5G radio. TSMC has already begun manufacturing Apple's A14 processor, which comprises the brains of the iPhone 12 lineup. Four models coming in three different sizes may be available, featuring different camera setups, on-board LiDAR, and a pancake design similar to the iPad Pro and iPhone 4.

AirPower returns

Apple is said to be working on a wireless charging mat, even after its previous concept for AirPower was abandoned last year. AirPower offered the ability to simultaneously charge multiple devices anywhere on the mat, with an iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods pictured in product previews. Apple was touting a real-time status tool that showed which devices were charging with AirPower on the iPhone screen.

Rumors persist that the iPhone 12 can deliver inverse charging. This means a wireless AirPods charging case or another phone could be placed on the back of the iPhone 12. The iPhone 12 battery would then charge the other device, even when not plugged into a power adapter.

Other products

The Apple Watch Series 6 may also make a fall debut, alongside other rumored products including Macs with Apple-designed processors. The more far-fetched predictions for 2020 are Apple's plans to release an augmented reality headset. While a headset and AR glasses are in the works, the first model isn't expected to be in the hands of consumers until 2022. It's not clear whether Apple would choose to reveal its upcoming AR products so far ahead of product launch.