iOS App of the Week: Hype - Interactive Live Video


The king of live streaming apps, Periscope, is popular due to its simplicity. All it takes is around three taps for anyone with a smartphone to broadcast from anywhere in the world. Periscope doesn't require a lot of setup, there's no confusing settings, and users can easily interact with live streams. The simple controls, easy Twitter integration and current events, such as the election, have made Periscope one the most popular live streaming services available on the App Store. The original creators of Vine look to change that with their new live streaming app Hype.

Vine creators launch new live broadcasting app to the App Store


The original creators of Vine have released a new live streaming app one week after Twitter announced it would be shutting down its video sharing app. It is widely believed that the popularity of broadcasting services, such as Periscope and Facebook Live, is the reason Vine failed to survive. The demand for live streaming video has grown rapidly, but is there room for another live streaming app on the already crowded App Store?

Report: Wireless charging for iPhone 8 in development

iPhone 8 concept

The 10th anniversary iPhone is back in the news, with Nikkei dropping a report about wireless charging modules. This technology is said to be in a testing phase at iPhone manufacturer Foxconn. If the company can produce the units fast enough, the iPhone 8 could feature wireless charging. Both Apple and Foxconn did not comment on the report.

Halloween App(s) of the Week: Dexter Slice and more

Dexter Slice

Developers really embraced Halloween this year by releasing a variety of new apps and app updates, but unfortunately two anticipated horror titles did not make it to the App Store in time for October 31st. As we mentioned last week, Scott Cawthon's Five Nights at Freddy's spin-off, Sister Location was delayed due to it being too mature, and the 80's inspired slasher puzzle game Slayaway Camp is still waiting for its App Store debut. The good news is that both games are currently available on other platforms. Cawthon is releasing an unofficial mature version of Sister Location in chapters to Game Jolt, and Slayaway Camp is currently available on Steam.

Apple introduces new MacBook Pro with OLED Touch Bar, USB-C and more

MacBook Pro

Apple today unveiled its redesigned MacBook Pro at its home campus in Cupertino, California. As rumored, the new MacBook is equipped with an OLED strip that replaces the function keys at the top of the keyboard. The "Touch Bar" shortcuts automatically change based on what app you're currently using, and it includes a dedicated Siri button, plus intelligent typing features, such as autocorrect and emojis. The MacBook is also equipped with Touch ID for easy logins and Apple Pay support.


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