No jailbreak coming for 32-bit iOS devices

PanGu iOS 9.2 - 9.3.3 jailbreak tool

Sad news today for owners of older iOS devices, including the iPhone 5 and fourth-generation iPad. The iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak released by Team Pangu will be limited to 64-bit devices. This means that anyone looking to jailbreak 32-bit iOS devices is out of luck. Pangu made the news official on Reddit, explaining that there is no future plan for 32-bit support.

iOS App of the Week: Severed


The well reviewed PS Vita game Severed has made its way to the Apple App Store. Severed follows Sasha -- a distraught, one-armed warrior who is about to embark on a journey through a surreal non-linear world. The developer describes Severed as a light RPG adventure game with touch-based combat mechanics.

In the game, players must progress through branching routes while battling enemies, avoiding hazards and solving puzzles. The most interesting part of the game is the ability to stun opponents so you can sever their body parts and wear them to gain new abilities. Players can also utilize Totems and upgrade their armour by collecting the remains of defeated bosses.

Jailbreak tweaks updated for iOS 9.3.3 compatibility

Cydia packages

Pangu took the world by storm this week, releasing the first iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak tool. While the software is still in its early stages, jailbreak developers have wasted no time taking advantage of this news. Paid tweaks are temporarily suspended until the jailbreak is deemed stable enough to fully open the Cydia app store. Free jailbreak packages can still be downloaded and installed at will.

Team Pangu releases first iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak

PanGu iOS 9.2 - 9.3.3 jailbreak tool

Incredibly, the Pangu jailbreak team has surprised everyone by launching an iOS 9.2-9.3.3 jailbreak solution. The initial release is currently available, however an English-language software tool is still in the works. The Chinese version can be downloaded for Windows computers, or opened directly on a compatible iOS device using Safari. Yes, a browser-based jailbreak exists, just like the good old days of JailbreakMe on iOS 4.3.3. Of course, as with all new software there are some caveats.

iOS App of the Week: Guild of Dungeoneering

Guild of Dungeoneering

The roguelike dungeon crawling genre has a rabid fan base who are always eagerly looking for new titles to play on their computer and mobile devices. This is why Guild of Dungeoneering was a highly anticipated App Store release for the iPad. Even though the game has been available on Steam for over a year, the mobile version didn't make its debut until PAX South in March 2016. The card-based dungeon crawler has finally been released for iOS devices this week, and it is a universal app, even though it was originally thought to be a tablet-only title.

Guild of Dungeoneering is a turn-based RPG card game with a twist. Instead of just controlling the game's hero, players must build their own dungeon around the hero and coax them through the adventure. Players can build their dungeon and fill it with monsters, loot and traps by playing specific cards from their Guild decks. The goal of the game it to complete dungeon crawls to gain experience and money to improve your Guild and attract better classes of adventurer. Players can also earn new cards and unlock more rooms and equipment as they play the game.


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