iOS App of the Week: Army Antz

Army Antz

Army Antz is a new action strategy game inspired by the 90's classic General Chaos by Electronic Arts. For those too young to remember, General Chaos is a strategy game where players battle with different teams to capture their enemy's capital city. The game was originally released for SEGA Genesis in 1994. Army Antz follows the same game mechanics with teams of ants battling each other to dominate the park battlefield.

Ironhide announces Iron Marines for mid-2016

Iron Marine

The creators of the Kingdom Rush franchise, Ironhide Game Studio announced its next title called Iron Marines. The real-time strategy game is slated for a "mid-2016" release on iOS and Android with Windows, Linux and Mac releases planned for a later date. Ironhide describes the game as a Sci-Fi RTS with lots of action and "tons of dumb jokes," but that is all the details they have revealed about the new game.

Amazon Video app updated with 3D Touch Quick Actions, X-Ray and iOS 9 multitasking

Amazon Video Quick Actions

Amazon has updated its Amazon Video app with several new iOS 9 and iPhone 6s features. The app now supports Quick Actions, which allows users to quickly access their Amazon Video library, downloads, Watchlist and search from their iPhone 6s or 6s Plus Home screen. Users can firmly press down on the Amazon Video app icon on their display to access the quick menu option.

Pebble introduces text reply feature for some iOS users

Pebble iOS Text Reply

Pebble today announced that some Pebble smartwatches owners can "test drive" their new iOS text reply feature. The new feature only works with Pebble's more current devices such as the Pebble Time, Time Steel and Time Round, and it requires a "post-paid AT&T account." Pebble smartwatch owners whose devices meet all the requirements will be able to send a "voice reply or pre-defined text to incoming items from the iOS Messages app," according to the release notes. However, the reply sent from your Pebble watch will not appear in your Messages thread on your iPhone.


Apple Weekly News Roundup: Apple Watch 2, 4-inch iPhones and more

Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock.

Although Apple has not yet officially announced an Apple Watch 2, a report last week from Quanta Computer (Taiwanese manufacturer of the current Apple Watch) confirms that the next generation Apple Watch is in development and slated for an initial release in June 2016. The new Apple Watch will likely have a face-time camera, an improved battery and more capabilities when it isn't tethered to an iPhone.


Carmen Sandiego sneaks onto iOS devices

Carmen Sandiego Returns

It's been over a decade since Carmen Sandiego and her V.I.L.E. underlings have been spotted anywhere, but the landmark stealing thief is back on iOS devices. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt has released Carmen Sandiego Returns in celebration of the character's 30th anniversary. The new iOS game pits players as ACME agents against Sandiego and her henchmen as they cause mischief across the world from Rio de Janeiro to Singapore.

Carmen Sandiego Returns stays true to the formula of the original computer games by teaching children ages 9-11 about history, geography and world cultures.

"Carmen Sandiego Returns preserves the core gameplay, style and characters of the original game, while giving the brand a modern twist for today's digitally-savvy learners," said CJ Kettler, Chief of Consumer Brands and Strategy at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. "We are thrilled to celebrate the comeback of one of our most beloved characters and look forward to many more exciting developments for the brand over the coming months."

Apple launches official Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock

Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock

Apple is now accepting orders for its official Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock. The new charging dock is available for $79 through or at Apple Retail locations.

The dock allows you to charge your Apple Watch while laying down or on its side. Charging the Watch while on it side allows you to access the Nightstand mode found in watchOS 2. This allows you to use your Watch as an alarm clock while it is charging overnight.

Report: Apple Watch 2 coming in summer 2016

Hermes Apple Watch

It should come as no surprise that Apple is working on the next generation Apple Watch. A report detailed by MacRumors indicates Quanta Computer has confirmed development of an upgraded watch coming late in the second quarter of next year. With the initial release planned for June 2016, production can then ramp up later in the year to fulfill demand. Rumors have pointed to several hardware and software improvements in the Apple Watch 2.

New iOS Apps, Games and JB Tweaks of the Week: Snoopy's Town Tale and more

Peanuts: Snoopy's Town Tale

Here are some quick app updates before we get to this week's new releases. The cat collecting game Neko Atsume was updated this week with an English-language option. Now you can collect cats without learning Japanese. Neko Atsume is available on the App Store for free.

Yahoo's photo sharing app Flickr was updated with 3D Touch support. Users can now access quick menu options from the Home screen and Peek and Pop features from within the app.

iOS App of the Week: Fallout Pip-Boy

Fallout Pip-Boy

Saying video game fans are excited for the release of Fallout 4 next week is an understatement. The $120 collectible Pip-Boy edition has been sold out for months, and the free-to-play building game Fallout Shelter has been a hit on the App Store since its release in June. Taking advantage of the excitement, Bethesda has released the official Fallout Pip-Boy app a few days ahead of the console and PC release on November 10.


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