Twitter adds Night Mode in latest update

Twitter night mode vs normal

Great news for Twitter fans who enjoy reading the latest tweets after dark. The official Twitter app has received a built-in night mode. When enabled, this mode reverses text and background colors to enhance reading in low-light situations. While the feature is simple, it does the trick efficiently. Images are not altered, and night mode cannot be invoked automatically or on a schedule.

Apple to launch three iPhone models in 2017

Samsung OLED

The tenth anniversary of the iPhone is set to be a big year, according to the latest report from Nikkei. Sources tell the Japanese publication that Apple indeed plans to reveal a curved OLED-display iPhone, confirming previous rumors. The flagship device would be accompanied by updates to the current 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch Plus form factors, bringing the total number of iPhone models to three.

Make your opinion count with Countable

Stay politically informed and vote your mind with Countable.

With the race for the White House in full swing and a continuous barrage of media coverage, political issues are likely on most people's minds. While it is easy to figure out the presidential candidates' stances on many of the bigger issues, it can be a bit more difficult to figure out what bills your congressional representatives are voting on and how they are voting.

4 apps to help you win your Fantasy Football league

Best Fantasy Football 2016 apps.

With the NFL season quickly approaching, fantasy leagues across the nation are gathering for their drafts, where they will pick the players they think will lead them to victory. As any seasoned fantasy football veteran knows, up-to-date information about players is absolutely vital, so magazines with ten week old info aren't going to cut it. You don't want to be the guy/gal who drafts the stud who just got a six game suspension for substance abuse, or a potentially great qb whose line is suddenly in shambles.

Night School and Telltale team up to release Mr. Robot mobile game

Telltale Games is known for its interactive video games based on popular TV shows, such as The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. Night School Studio is the creator of the award-winning video game, Oxenfree. The two have teamed up to release a new mobile title based on USA Network’s hit drama, Mr. Robot.

The television show follows Elliot Alderson, a cybersecurity engineer, who is recruited into a group of hacktivists by an anarchist known as "Mr. Robot." The game, titled Mr. Robot:1.51exfiltrati0n.ipa, takes place during the first season when you find a phone that belongs to a hacker who is about to commit a massive cybercrime. You eventually get caught up in the world of fsociety, Alderson's hacker group, and must use an E-Corp messaging app to communicate with different characters from the television show.


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