iOS 9's 'App Thinning' will effectively increase your iPhone's storage capacity

App thinning will shrink app sizes in iOS 9.

It has long been a frustration of iPhone owners, especially those of 8GB and 16GB models, to see a sizable chunk of their device's storage devoted to the operating system. Thanks to a new technology known as "App Thinning" that will be introduced with iOS 9, this will no longer be the case. As noted in this week's WWDC Keynote, the technology was used to pare down the iOS 9 OTA update from 4.6GB to 1.3GB, a 71% size reduction.


Siri to become a better personal assistant in iOS 9

iOS 9 is less about new features and more about "enhancements" that will make using your iPhone and iPad even easier and better. Siri will be one of the beneficiaries of iOS 9 when the new OS is released this fall. Apple promises that the personal assistant will not only be faster and smarter, but more proactive. Users will be able to ask Siri to remind them to stop at a location they marked in Apple Maps when they get in their car, or to play a specific playlist when then they plug in their headphones.

Apple releases complete music streaming details

Apple Music Membership Benefits

Apple has released a checklist highlighting all the perks of an Apple Music membership. The music streaming service will be available starting on June 30th. A single member plan is $9.99/month and a family plan is $14.99/month for up to 6 people. The first three months of Apple Music are free when you sign up.

Google Maps updated with improved real-time transit data

Google Maps Transit

Google on Tuesday announced that its Maps app for iOS was updated with more accurate transit data for several cities in the United States (Chicago, San Francisco, and Seattle), the United Kingdom, Hungary and the Netherlands. The app now delivers live arrival information for buses, metros and subway systems in these new cities, and it also notifies users about canceled routes and helps them select other options. The update will happen automatically for those who already have Google Maps installed on their device. New users can download the app for free on the App Store.


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