Ask Siri to Read Your Messages in iOS 7

The list of commands recognized by Siri gets longer with every major iOS update. Many of the best features of Siri can easily be overlooked or forgotten. One thing Siri can assist with is checking up on new messages and email. This is especially helpful in a hands-free situation such as driving.

Messages help Siri

When it comes to email, simply activate Siri by holding the home button and say "read my email." New messages will appear and Siri will begin to read everything out loud. By everything, that means the date, sender, receiver and all text within the message body. While this can be tedious, it beats taking your eyes off the road.

This Tape Recorder is an iPhone Speaker [Retro]

Rewind to the 1980s with the perfect gift to complement the iPhone. Music fans will enjoy the throwback look and feel of the portable speaker known as the iRecorder. Tactile buttons provide volume control, track skipping and play/stop functionality with the iOS device loaded into the old school cassette tape compartment.

iRecorder iPhone speaker accessory

To connect the iPhone to the iRecorder, a 3.5mm jack is provided. Plug into the headphone port on the iPhone, then insert the iOS device into the cassette compartment. Close the tape door, pull out the retractable handle, and your tunes are ready to go anywhere. The iRecorder fits both the iPhone 5/5s and iPhone 4/4s body styles.

Find My Friends App Redesigned for iOS 7

Apple has finally brought Find My Friends into the iOS 7 fold with a complete redesign. Say goodbye to the skeuomorphism that once adorned the free location sharing app with stitched leather and colored textures. In its place is a flat, simplified look that matches the rest of the clean iOS 7 interface.

Find My Friends update iOS 7

Version 3.0 is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 7 and later. This means if your device is running an earlier version of iOS, the redesign will not apply. Other improvements are not listed under Find My Friends on iTunes, so it's possible the update is entirely cosmetic.

Dropbox Gets AirDrop Support, New Interface

Dropbox 3.0 for iOS 7 has arrived in the App Store. A completely redesigned interface brings key elements of iOS 7 into the file sharing app. Built-in iOS share sheets are used to make sharing and exporting files to other apps even easier than ever. Not only this, but Dropbox has added AirDrop support, so links and files can be sent between iOS 7 devices effortlessly.

update iOS 7 Dropbox app

Dropbox provides 2GB of free storage to all users, with more available to accounts choosing to automatically save photos and videos to the service. Adding this option provides a total of 5GB free space available. In addition to the redesigned interface and new sharing options, Dropbox for iOS 7 improves performance, speeding up launch, video playback and photo loading.

Google+ Update Brings New Features to iOS

Google+ fans with iOS devices will enjoy several new features in the latest app update, along with the obligatory bug fixes and performance enhancements. Most significantly, Google+ now makes it possible to upload Camera Roll photos and videos in full resolution to the cloud. These can be shared or added to a private album on Google+ Photos.

update iOS 7 Google+

With 15GB of free storage, this new Google+ feature acts as a cloud backup, uploading Camera Roll photos in the background. The only catch to the full resolution photo feature is that it's limited to iOS 7 users only. Google+ account holders on earlier versions of iOS can still enjoy other new features in the latest Google+ app.

Amazon App Gets New Look for iOS 7

Jumping on the iOS 7 bandwagon, Amazon had redesigned its iOS app to streamline looks and functionality ahead of the holiday shopping season. Millions of products are at your fingertips with version 3.1.2 of the Amazon app, which is available from iTunes for free. The redesign takes cues from iOS 7 as well as implementing bug fixes.

Amazon update iOS 7

Browse and search functions can be used to find product details, read user reviews, and of course buy items using Amazon's secure servers. The Amazon mobile app provides one-stop shopping from and third party merchants, including used and refurbished items in some cases.

DNDPro Brings More Control to iOS Do Not Disturb

Frequent Do Not Disturb users might be wondering how they can gain more control over the feature. Luckily for those running iOS 6.1.2 or earlier the DNDPro jailbreak tweak does the trick. Installing this free package will add two new options to the stock Do Not Disturb settings. These same items will also appear in their own location under Settings -> DND Pro.

DNDPro tweak Cydia iOS

DNDPro revolves around enabling Do Not Disturb mode while using specific apps. This means that notifications can be turned off automatically while an application is in use on the device. Closing the app will turn Do Not Disturb mode off again, resuming normal alerts and phone calls.

Add Quick Settings Shortcuts to iOS With MultiShortcut

When it comes to quickly accessing iOS Settings, there are many options available on a jailbroken device. Toggles and other shortcuts can make burrowing through multiple Settings menus to change one item a thing of the past. MultiShortcut adds another free option for those looking to change settings in a flash.

MultiShortcut tweak Cydia iOS

Once installed, MultiShortcut adds 32 instant shortcuts right to the iOS home screen. How is this accomplished? Touch and hold the Settings icon and the list of shortcuts appears. Scroll to the desired item and select to instantly access this portion of Settings. There's also a Close button to dismiss the menu and skip entering Settings if needed.

AlarmControl Toggles iOS Alarms In One Swoop

Does your jailbroken iPhone have a long list of alarms set up in the Clock app? Sometimes things can get disorganized, with some alarms on and others off. Scrolling through this list is easy enough, but the AlarmControl tweak makes things even easier. All alarms can be toggled immediately with just one button at the top of the screen.

AlarmControl tweak Cydia iOS

Once installed, AlarmControl will add this Toggle Alarms button to the Clock app, right next to the add new alarm (+) button. Tap the toggle once, and all alarms are off. Tap it again, and every alarm will be turned on, it's that simple. Imagine going on vacation and touching a single button to keep your iOS alarm clock silent for the entire trip.

Hide iOS Lock Screen Notifications With MultiLS

Despite the high iOS 7 adoption rate, developers are still working on new and useful tweaks for those with older, jailbroken devices. With an iPhone 5 or earlier running iOS 6.1.2 there are many options available on Cydia. Many of these tweaks simulate iOS 7 features, and others such as MultiLS add new functionality to iOS.

MultiLS tweak Cydia iOS

Essentially, MultiLS adds a second lock screen to iOS. Incoming lock screen notifications are stored on a separate lock screen, hidden from view. Instead of popping up immediately, when a new message or alert arrives a slick glowing bar appears on the right side of the lock screen. The text in the slider bar also changes from "slide to unlock" to "slide to view".


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