Fix the iPhone Respring Brightness Bug on iOS 6

Sometimes respringing a jailbroken iPhone results in the display brightness dropping to its dimmest level. This quirk is all due to developers killing SpringBoard instead of backboardd to perform the respring. Although many developers have updated the respring method for iOS 6 in their apps and tweaks, some have not.

BrightnessFix tweak Cydia iOS 6

This is where BrightnessFix for iOS 6 comes into play. Installing this tweak will eliminate the display brightness issue completely by ensuring your iPhone retains the brightness level that is set before the respring.

Some Users Not Happy With EA's Real Racing 3 In-App Purchases

Electronic Arts' Real Racing 3 is a great example of how advanced iOS games have the potential to be, but it's also an example of in-app purchases working very badly. Instead of charging players a one-time price to download the game, RR3 is a free download from the App Store.

Free iPhone Games

While "free" is normally a good thing, user complaints have been piling up about the in-game store in which you need to spend virtual money to do almost anything. Users must earn or buy virtual dollars with real money to service their car, change its skin, or buy new cars. There are other options, like waiting up to five minutes for an oil change, but users say this breaks up gameplay and ruins the overall experience.

New Case Transforms Your iPhone 5 Into Iron Man's Mark VII Armor

Marvel fans will love this new Iron Man Mark VII iPhone 5 case from accessory maker Brando. The limited edition case transforms your iPhone into the ultimate Iron Man replica with its battery-powered LED arc reactor, and movable shoulder camera cover.

iPhone Cases

The Mark VII armor shell is a protective back case which allows you to access your display and Home button. Brando doesn't specify what type of materials it's made from, so it's unknown if the case actually provides any protection from bumps or falls. However, this is mostly a novelty purchase anyway.

YourTube Tweak Now Supports iOS 6

CocoaNuts has released YourTube for iOS6 to Cydia. The update brings iOS 6 support to the popular YouTube extension. YourTube users can download any YouTube video and import them directly into their iTunes Library. This allows you to watch videos offline, hide ads and view region-locked media.

Jailbreak Tweaks

The jailbreak tweak offers fast download speeds, the ability to switch video quality, and the the ability to import videos and music into the Video or Music apps. The tweak is being offered for $1 off its normal $4.99 price for the next three days, and is free for existing YourTube and YourTube HD owners.

Launch the iPhone Camera Quickly from Anywhere

The lock screen camera shortcut speeds up access to the Camera app when you need to snap photos in a hurry. But what if your iPhone isn't locked? What if you're in the middle of doing something else with your device, and a photo opportunity comes about?

CamFast tweak Cydia iOS

The Cydia addon CamFast is designed to help during these moments when you need the iPhone camera as quickly as possible. Once installed, you can assign any Activator action to CamFast from Settings -> Activator (of course, Activator must be installed). This means that any gesture from anywhere on your iPhone can be assigned to open the Camera app.

U.S. Senators Introduce New Cellphone Unlocking Bill

Al Franken and members of the Senate Judiciary Committee have introduced a new bill that aims to make cellphone unlocking legal again. The new bill entitled Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act would allow cellphone owners to unlock their devices by themselves, or via a third-party. The bill was introduced after FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said the recent unlocking ban “raises competition and innovation concerns". The bipartisan legislation is also backed by Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT.), Committee Ranking Member Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), and Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah)

iPhone unlock illegal DMCA

"Right now, folks who decide to change cellphone carriers are frequently forced to buy a new phone or risk the possibility of criminal penalties, and that’s just not fair for consumers," said Franken. "This bipartisan legislation will quickly allow consumers to unlock their current phones instead of having to purchase a new one. I support this commonsense solution to save consumers money."

Add Custom Options to the iOS Dock with MultiDock

As anyone who uses Apple mobile devices already knows, the stock iOS home screen dock limits users to four app icons. There are ways to change this when your device is jailbroken, such as Infinidock, which gives scrolling capability to the dock. When it comes to MultiDock, this tweak simply allows you to add icons to the dock.

MultiDock tweak Cydia iOS

Should you have many frequently used apps that you’d like to have accessible at all times in the dock, MultiDock fits the bill. Up to five rows of icons can be added to the dock at the bottom of the home screen. The number of icons per line can also be adjusted.

Reebok Announces New Fitness App for Apple and Android Devices

Reebok quietly launched a new fitness app for Apple and Android devices. The idea of the app is to get people to break out of their normal workout routines and try something new. The Reebok Fitness app allows users to create their own exercise programs by choosing the length of time and the activities they want to do. Activities include training, running, dance, yoga and walking. Users also have access to to videos, demos and tips from world-class fitness experts.

iPhone Fitness Apps

The app promises a "quick and simple" interface, and fun customized workout programs based on your favorite activities. The app also offers achievement breakdowns that you can share on your favorite social networking sites, calendar reminders for upcoming workouts, an archive of past achievements, and inspirational messages to keep you motivated.

Toggle iPhone Do Not Disturb from the Lock Screen

Flusterless is a jailbreak tweak designed for convenience. iPhone users running iOS 6 who frequently use the Do Not Disturb (DND) feature will enjoy quick access to enable and disable DND as quickly as possible. A sliding toggle is accessible directly from the lock screen, just to the left of the clock.

Flusterless tweak Cydia iOS

Slide the grabber to the right and a moon symbol will appear to denote DND mode is active. Slide the grabber to the right again and you’ll see a white circle, meaning that DND mode has been disengaged. Having this one-step access to DND sure beats unlocking and navigating to Settings -> Do Not Disturb.

Remove 5-Minute Rounding from iOS Calendar, Reminder Times

Ever notice how iOS changes the time selection increments you can choose from based on the app? For example, in Reminders and Calendar you can only pick times that end in a multiple of 5 minutes. Alarms in the Clock app have no such limitation, you can pick whatever minute of the hour you prefer.

In A Minute tweak Cydia iOS

Developer Brandon Sachs decided to do something about this after seeing the Every Last Minute tweak to add minutes to the Calendar app. The result of his work is the tweak In A Minute, which adds fine-grained time selection to all of the iOS scrolling date pickers system-wide.

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