22 iOS 7 Changes Not Mentioned by Apple

Keynote presentations have a time limit, and it's a good thing because discussing 1500 new iOS 7 APIs could get tiring. iPhone owners are now used to hundreds of improvements and new features added in every major iOS release, and iOS 7 is no different. Not only has the entire interface been redesigned, but as developers test the beta release changes that Apple didn't have time to mention are discovered.

iOS 7 home screen

Towards the end of the WWDC presentation Craig Federighi, Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, quickly mentioned a few iOS 7 features in passing. FaceTime audio calling, notification sync across devices, per app VPN and message/call blocking to name a few. He went into a bit more detail when describing activation lock, which makes it harder for thieves to use stolen iOS devices.

iPhone Games Coming to a TV Near You

Pretty soon iOS gamers will be able to play all their favorites full-sized on a real television screen. GamePop promises to bring this technology to couches everywhere, linking mobile gaming to bigger displays. The games be controlled with an iOS device (great for games that work by tilting the phone) or with GamePop's included video game controller.

The GamePop console uses new mobile-to-TV technology known as "Looking Glass" to play iOS games on different hardware. According to the company, the console is not an emulator. CNET quotes BlueStacks CEO Rosen Sharma, "Looking Glass works at the API-level... it embraces all aspects of running the [game] app and using the [GamePop] app as the controller." GamePop claims the games run just as fast if not faster than they run on top-tier smartphones.

iPhone 5S: No Sign of Fingerprint Scan in Parts

Another batch of alleged iPhone 5S parts is making the rounds, this time from Czech site Letem Svetem Applem. The parts detailed include the next generation home button, vibration motor and front-facing camera. Other leaks have shown gold exterior parts, indicating the iPhone 5S may come in multiple colors.

alleged iphone 5S parts 1

When it comes to the home button pictured, the shape of the Czech part differs from previous photos of iPhone 5S home buttons. The actual button, however does not look much different from current home buttons on several generations of Apple's iPhone. It's possible that the rumors circulating around a fingerprint-scanning home button will not come true this year.

Check Notifications Without Even Looking at Your iPhone

Tired of pulling your iPhone out of your pocket every time you need to check for new notifications? Sure, you can set your device to vibrate on silent but then your phone will shake every time a new message comes in. There's another way, that's more discreet and allows you to take control of when you check for new messages, without even looking at the iPhone.

PocketNotify tweak iOS Cydia

The jailbreak tweak PocketNotify has no settings to configure, simply install the package then set PocketNotify to an Activator gesture. This gesture should be a using a physical button, something like Volume Button Down Short Hold. Now whenever you short hold the volume down button, the iPhone will check for new notifications.

Crop iPhone Screen Captures Immediately With ScreenshotPlus

Cropping a screen capture on the iPhone normally requires several steps to get the desired image. After all, every time you snap a screenshot by pressing the power and home buttons the entire screen area is captured to the Camera Roll. The jailbreak tweak ScreenshotPlus changes how this works, so you can pre-crop any screen capture before saving.

ScreenshotPlus tweak Cydia iOS

Once installed, ScreenshotPlus only has one setting to configure. This option toggles whether or not the tweak displays the dimensions in pixels of the cropped screen shot selector box. In order to use ScreenshotPlus, an Activator gesture must be assigned to "screenshot mode". Once configured, enter screenshot mode by performing the selected gesture.

Follow the Action This Week With the WWDC App

Apple has made it easy for developers around the world to follow along with each day of the 2013 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The official WWDC iOS app has just been updated to version 1.01 with a series of bug fixes and improvements. Of course, to get the most out of the WWDC app you must be a registered developer so you can sign in and watch session videos.

WWDC app 2013

Tickets for this year's conference at Moscone West in San Francisco sold out in just two minutes. Luckily with the WWDC app developers can stay connected to the event. Times and descriptions for labs, sessions and special events can be browsed and favorited, with session videos becoming available daily. Session videos are synced between devices, so if you stop watching a video it can be resumed where you left off.

More Siri Tricks: Flip Coins and Roll the Dice

Sometimes iPhone owners need help making a decision. Nowadays with so many purchases happening exclusively with plastic, there aren't always stray coins lying around to flip. What luck, arguably the most advanced, portable personal assistant ever created can now flip a coin for you instead. Tell Siri to flip a coin and she'll do just that, letting you know immediately whether it was virtual heads or tails.

Siri iPhone Easter eggs

There are some other tricks you can use to get help with random numbers or even play games when you're missing a pair of dice. You guessed it, just tell Siri to roll the dice and she will tell you which side of the six-sided dice are facing up after the roll. Ultimately when you need two random numbers from 1-6 or one number from 2-12 this can be handy (simply add the two for a bigger number). But what if you need a larger random number?

Game Boy Emulator Hidden in iOS App Store App

Looking to emulate GBA/GBC games on your iOS device? Another hidden emulator has sneaked into the App Store until Apple catches on and pulls the app. The app is called Slider Puzzle, and it masquerades as an innocent sliding puzzle game with four different images.

Slider Puzzle GBA GBC emulator

Players can put their own images into the app via iTunes to see them converted into new puzzles. The real fun happens with a series of inputs that activates the hidden GBA/GBC emulator. The great thing about this secret is no jailbreak is required to play ROMs right on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Apple Cuts iRadio Deals with Three Major Labels

Rumors of Apple's upcoming iRadio streaming music service aren't new, but the latest developments indicate Apple will move forward with its plans next week's WWDC. AllThingsD reports that Sony Music has joined the party, which means all three major music labels are now participating in the service.

iRadio Apple

The last piece of the puzzle, Sony follows Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group, who have both cut deals to license their music collections to Apple. According to Billboard Apple will give the record companies 10 percent of iRadio's advertising revenue as an introductory rate. The company will also pay a per-stream rate above the Copyright Royalty Board statutory amount.

Moscone West Gets iOS 7 Treatment for WWDC

Apple continues its preparations for Monday's keynote presentation at WWDC 2013 in San Francisco. Thanks to 9to5Mac, the sparse and clean-looking design of the official iOS 7 logo has been revealed. Banners hanging at Moscone West ahead of the conference show a thin, multicolored number seven on top of a white textured background.

iOS 7 logo new design

The WWDC slogan this year is “Where a whole new world is developing". Apple fans are expecting a completely redesigned iOS interface, departing from the skeuomorphism that iPhone users have become used to seeing on their devices. iOS 7 will reportedly look flat, have more monochrome coloring, and depart completely from previous versions with a new layout and better functionality.


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