ForeverMap App Promises Offline Maps Anywhere

The popular Android App ForeverMap has added offline support to its iOS version. ForeverMap 2 uses OpenStreetMaps and advanced compression technology so users can access its global maps with no Wi-Fi connection. Users are able to download as many complete country maps as they need to use whenever they wish.

iOS Map App

ForeverMap is a great companion for navigation apps such as Google, Nokia or even Apple Maps. Apple’s vector-based maps do offer offline usage, but you do lose some functions while disconnected from Wi-Fi. ForeverMap also helps cut down on the high costs of data roaming when you are traveling.

MetroPCS iPhone Could Happen, But Don't Hold Your Breath

T-Mobile CEO John Legere told AllThingsD that a MetroPCS iPhone is possible, but not "imminent". T-Mobile acquired the carrier on Wednesday, and is already planning to launch MetroPCS-branded devices that also run on T-Mobile's network. Legere did not say what devices are in the works, but did say that an iPhone is not out of the question. When asked if an iPhone is coming to MetroPCS, Legere replied: "The answer to that is not ‘No'". Legere also said a MetroPCS iPhone would have to involve Apple, before noting he had already reached out to T-Mobile partners.

MetroPCS iPhone

T-Mobile's main focus is merging the two brands, and moving into new cities by offering MetroPCS handsets on the T-Mobile network.

“This is about customer migration, not network integration,” Legere said.

Legere told AllThingsD that T-Mobile is " working through a double-digit list of cities and plans to aggressively target new markets this year".

Amazon’s Kindle App for iOS Will Now Read Over One Million Books to You

Amazon has added Apple VoiceOver support for over 1.8 million titles in the Kindle Store. VoiveOver will read aloud any compatible book to blind and visually impaired customers. The update also allows visually impaired customers the ability to navigate within their library or within a book, search for a book within their library, and use features like X-Ray, End Actions and sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

Amazon’s Kindle App

Version 3.7 of the app also brings a few bug fixes/stability improvements and the ability to download a free sample and email yourself a reminder about recommended books. The Amazon Kindle app for the iPhone and iPad is free to download from the App Store. It requires iOS 5.0 or later and has been optimized for iPhone 5. Check out the complete list of improvements below.

RuPaul’s Drag Race: Dragopolis Coming to the App Store on May 6th

The first drag queen mobile game is coming to iOS devices on May 6, 2013. RuPaul’s Drag Race: Dragopolis will be available in the App Store on the same day RuPaul crowns the newest Drag Race Superstar on Monday at 9/8c on Logo TV. In Dragopolis, players must help their character reclaim her title as Queen of Dragopolis by defeating the evil drag queen Apocalypstyk.

RuPaul’s Drag Race: App

Users will be able to customize their drag queen with new wigs and outfits while sashaying their way to the nightclub to confront the final boss. The game will be free to download with the option to unlock other popular RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants like Manila Luzon, Pandora Boxx and Yara Sofia for $0.99.

UPDATE: Here is a little more info thanks to the team behind the app.

RuPaul’s Drag Race: Dragopolis is a fantabulous adventure starring a drag queen fighting for RuPaul. The evil drag queen Apocalypstyk has broken into the workroom on day one of RuPaul’s Drag Race in order to sabotage the show and kidnap the sexy men in the pit crew. Players control our drag queen heroine, and can customize this ferocious character with sickening wigs, outfits and even their own face. In order to save the day, she races to the main stage, jumping and clawing her way past Apocalypstyk’s increasingly fierce minions, all while serving up new looks for the photo shoots! There is no RuPaulogizing in this game!

Customize iOS User Interface Colors with Accentify

Looking for a one-stop solution to change the colors of the built-in iOS user interface? Accentify makes it possible to select from a list of 15 colors to change the default light blue tint found throughout the iPhone operating system. No respring is required for changes to take effect, only a jailbroken device running iOS 6 or later.

Accentify tweak Cydia iOS

Under Settings -> Accentify there's even an option to create a custom color for the UI using red, green, and blue element sliders. Beware, color selections will change the color of different UI accents across applications, not just stock apps. If something doesn't quite match you can tell Accentify to use the default iOS color for specific apps, by toggling the app under Settings -> Accentify -> User Applications.

Quickly Access Settings on the iPhone Lock Screen

Unlocking the iPhone, navigating to Settings and burrowing down into several menus just to switch something off can waste a lot of time. Developer Samball has released the jailbreak tweak LockscreenToggles to circumvent the entire process, making settings toggles accessible directly from the lock screen.

Lockscreentoggles tweak Cydia iOS

Once installed, LockscreenToggles has no settings to configure, simply swipe left on the lock screen clock to reveal five toggles. To see the rest of the toggles, swipe down. Toggles can be rearranged by dragging and the top 5 in the list are the ones that will appear in the horizontal bar at the top. Tapping a toggle will switch the setting ON or OFF.

Boost Mobile to Launch Prepaid iPhone in Q3

Reports first cropped up last summer that pre-paid iPhones were coming to several carriers in the US, starting with Cricket and Boost Mobile. Boost was expected to start sales of the iPhone 4 and 4S models starting in September 2012, however the rumor never came true. Now instead of being the second carrier to offer a pre-paid iPhone, a new report from AppleInsider says Boost may be the fourth in line with sales starting during the third quarter of this year.

Boost Mobile iPhone

One reason why iPhone fans are watching Boost closely is the carrier currently offers an unlimited talk, text and data plan for only $50 per month. If Boost, which utilizes the Sprint network, offers this plan for iPhone owners it would be highly competitive and could save subscribers significant amounts of money over the life of their iPhone.

Apple Stores to Classify Original iPhone as Obsolete

After almost six years of service, the original iPhone is set to be labeled "obsolete" by Apple retail stores starting on June 11, 2013. So what does this mean for owners of the first iPhone? Devices classified as obsolete are no longer eligible for parts replacement or repairs, even if the owner would like to pay for Apple to provide this service. So is it game over for the original iPhone?

original iPhone 2007

Not entirely. Although in Apple retail stores, Asia-Pacific, Europe and other regions around the globe the original iPhone will be classified as obsolete, in the United States the device will officially be "vintage". Vintage status means the original iPhone can still be serviced by an Authorized Service Provider who is contacted directly.

Complete Safari Search Queries on the iPhone

Ever notice when Mobile Safari gives you suggestions to complete a search query that tapping them initiates the search immediately? Other browsers such as Google Chrome don't have the same behavior, the search query can be completed and reviewed before actually searching. Now thanks to the iOS jailbreak tweak Platinum, Safari can complete search queries, too.

Platinum tweak Cydia iOS

Once installed from the Cydia app store, Platinum has no options or settings to configure. The tweak simply adds circular blue arrow buttons to the right of auto-complete suggestions when typing in a Safari query. To complete the words in the query field with one of the suggestions, tap the blue button. If you prefer to initiate the search immediately then touch the words themselves.

Google Search Update Brings Google Now to iPhone

Google has updated the iOS Google Search app to version 3.0. The biggest change adds Google Now capabilities to the app, providing information on the go in customized cards that are automatically generated. Instead of performing multiple searches for specific information throughout the day, Google Now can feed you the information you need at the right time or place.

Google Search 3.0.0

22 cards are now available on iOS, including traffic, weather, sports scores, appointments, flight schedules, transit schedules and more. Swiping up in the Google Search app is all it takes to bring up current cards to find information. Although Google Now on iOS does not feature push alerts at the current time, these are under development for a future version of Google Search.

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