Griffin's PowerDock 5 Charges Five iOS Devices at Once

You can now stop fighting over charger real estate thanks to Griffin's new PowerDock 5. The new charging station helps you keep your countertops or desk clutter free by providing up to five charging ports for any iOS devices . Each charging bay is roomy enough to accommodate the bulkiest of iPad cases, but the PowerDock 5 only consumes as much room as a single iPad. The PowerDock will also help you keep all your devices and cables neatly organized and in one place.

iPhone Charging Station

The PowerDock 5 is great for tablet crowded offices, or for moms who are tired of siblings stealing each other's chargers. The iOS charging station will available from Griffin Technology's official online store in the spring for $100.

T-Mobile to Offer Unsubsidized iPhone in 'Three to Four Months'

After announcing that T-Mobile is close to activating nearly 2 million iPhones on its network, Chief Executive John Legere told Reuters, the carrier will start selling the iPhone in about three to four months. T-Mobile also plans to eliminate cellphone subsidies in an effort to offer its customer cheaper plans and more flexibility. Legere promised the Apple experience would be "dramatically different" for T-Mobile subscribers, and believes smartphone users will benefit from avoiding long contracts and restrictive data plans.

T-Mobile CES

T-Mobile hopes the contract free iPhone will convince AT&T and Verizon Wireless customers to switch carriers, and believes its partnership with Apple will increase its market share by 5% or more. All the major U.S. carriers currently offer smartphones at a subsidized price, but customers are forced to agree to long contracts that prohibit them from upgrading their devices. T-Mobile's users will be able to freely exchange or sell their older devices once the subsidies and contracts are out of the picture.

Apple's Low-Cost iPhone Could Launch Later This Year [Rumor]

It looks like the media will have to pick a new name for Apple's rumored low-cost iPhone, which has been dubbed the "iPhone mini" by some analysts. According to a report by the DigiTimes, Apple is planning to launch a "low-cost version of the iPhone for China and other emerging markets in the second half of 2013". However, sources in the supply chain claim the new iPhone will feature a larger display, instead of being a smaller version of the iPhone 5. If the rumor is true, Apple could use older components, like it did with the iPad mini, to keep the cost down.

Low-Cost iPhone

Some analysts believe Apple needs to release an affordable iPhone to compete with Samsung, who is expected to see a 35% growth over the next 12 months, according to Strategy Analytics.

“We expect Samsung to slightly extend its lead over Apple this year because of its larger multitier product portfolio,” Neil Mawston, executive director at Strategy Analytics, told Reuters.

Brian J. White of Topeka Capital Markets said in a report that he believes Apple will release the iPhone 5S in May or June, but will not release the iPhone mini until next year.

iPhone Dev-Team has iOS 6.0.2 Untethered Jailbreak

That's right, folks. There's no reason to despair if you're a jailbreak fan and you're currently using an iPhone 5. Prominent iPhone Dev-Team member planetbeing has posted on reddit that not all hope is lost for those looking to jailbreak iOS 6. In fact, he explains his iPhone 5 is currently running an untethered, jailbroken version of iOS 6.0.2.

iOS 6.0.2 untethered jailbreak

Planetbeing states, "I'm not really sure what all the doom and gloom is about. The fact is, I have an untethered iOS 6.0.2 JB running on my iPhone 5 right now." For those waiting to jailbreak their devices, this is welcome news. Of course you may be wondering why the Dev-Team would keep such a revelation under wraps. Why not develop a public release?

Make Your Own AirPlay Receiver With Raspberry Pi

Now anyone with an extra $48 and some computer skills can make their old stereo into a Wi-Fi AirPlay receiver. Normally you would drop $100 or more on a device (like the Apple TV) that can stream audio from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Using the Raspberry Pi miniature computer, engineering student Jordan Burgess has saved himself over $50 and illustrated exactly how to create your own AirPlay receiver.

DIY airplay receiver Raspberry Pi

The finished product uses Shairport open source software, gets its power from a microUSB cable, and connects to the stereo using a mini 3.5mm audio cable. Selecting to output sound from your iPhone to the stereo is as simple as selecting AirPi as the output from the AirPlay menu in whatever iOS app you're using to play the music.

iPhone Do Not Disturb Bug Almost Fixed

If you've been having problems with the widely reported Do Not Disturb bug, rest assured it will self-fix on Monday January 7, 2013. Apple recommended a simple solution to temporarily fix the problem that has been keeping Do Not Disturb (DND) engaged past a scheduled time. iOS 6 users will have to manually toggle DND mode and disable Settings -> Notifications -> Do Not Disturb -> Scheduled until Monday.

Do Not Disturb iOS 6

So what caused this week of DND turmoil on iOS devices and prompted an Apple support document on the issue? Turns out that DND uses the ISO week date format, which wanted to compute the first day of the year as January 7. According to Ars Technica Apple even warns third-party developers of the problem, and steers them toward the Gregorian calendar instead.

Goal Defense and The Creeps: Two Free Great Tower Defense Games for the iPhone and iPad

I still believe Pirate Defense is one of the greatest Tower Defense games ever created, but it's not available for iOS devices. That makes Kingdom Rush my favorite iPhone/iPad Tower Defense game by default. However, if you have already taken my advice and played both Pirate Defense and Kingdom Rush, and are looking for something new to play, here are two great TD games you might have missed.

The Creeps (Free w/ option to buy more levels)

iPhone Tower Defense Games

The Creeps is one of the most popular TD games with over three million downloads. If you're new to the world of TD games and have never given The Creeps a chance, stop what you are doing and download it immediately! You won't be disappointed.

In The Creeps, players must defend their bedroom from the monsters in their closet by using various weapons such as glue bottles and flashlights. The game features Game Center support, over 60 achievements and 25 free levels with the option to purchase more. If you do get addicted, and you will, I suggest buying the All Access Pass, which unlocks everything for $5.99.

Hackulous Closes, Bringing Installous Piracy to a Halt

Developers spend countless hours making the apps that iPhone owners take for granted. Some of those who don't believe that $0.99 is worth paying for now have one less option when it comes to pirated iOS titles. Hackulous has announced it will close its doors, and along with it the Installous jailbreak app has been shut down.

Installous piracy app gone

As MacRumors reports, several cases of piracy have forced developers to remove their apps from the App Store. In one example, Battle Dungeon could not sustain its server load due to missing revenues resulting from a 90 percent piracy rate.

How to Change Your Carrier Logo Without Jailbreaking

One of the fun benefits of jailbreaking has been the ability to change the boring carrier logo in your status bar. Now non-jailbreakers can join the party by downloading a new Mac application called CarrierEditor. The app, created by developers Kevin Lo and Daniel Levi, allows iPhone owners to easily customize their devices by swapping out the carrier logo for other fun logos or pictures of their choice.

iPhone Tweaks

To change your carrier logo, download the Mac application CarrierLogo and select the "Lets Get Started" option once it's installed. It will then ask you for your Carrier Version Number. To find your version go to Settings >> General >> About, and scroll down until you see your Carrier Version Number. After you enter your Carrier Number, hit "Next" and select your device and carrier (not all carriers are supported) from the drop boxes on the next page. You can then go to the next screen and customize your logo by dragging a photo into the available boxes. Next open iTunes and hold down the alt/option key and select "Restore iPhone". Open the new carrier file CarrierEditor placed on your desktop and wait for iTunes to update. Finally, reboot your iPhone and your new icon should appear.

Auxo Tweaks Multitasking on the iPhone

We recently took a look at jLauncher, which upgrades the stock multitasking dock into a full screen control center. Although there are many of these tweaks available, Auxo brings app switcher redesign to a new level. The idea for Auxo was originally just a concept, but designer @Sentry_NC has teamed up with developers to make the iOS tweak reality.

Auxo tweak multitasking iOS

Auxo replaces the normal multitasking dock icons with versatile app cards. Besides offering a preview of each app, they can be removed by simply swiping down. No more holding an icon and tapping red circles individually. Tapping and holding one app card will give you the option to remove all multitasking and recently opened apps at once. Auxo will even remind you that an app is doing something in the background, such as playing music, and confirm the exit.

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