iPhone 5S Back Panel Shows Home Button Update

Anyone looking for evidence of changes to the internal design of the next iPhone has been busy lately. Several leaks in recent days have piled on proof of a dual LED flash, sapphire home button, and a gold iPhone 5S in the works. Now shows off the back panel of the iPhone 5S with several updates over the current model iPhone.

iPhone 5S backplate

Most interesting are the changes centering around the home button, which can be clearly seen in the photo above. Assuming the part is the real deal, Apple has changed the shape of the home button backplate, also moving the mounting point down on one side. The new part could possibly be designed to retain a fingerprint sensor, and reports have indicated the iPhone 5S will feature a convex sapphire home button.

Knightmare Tower Now Available for iOS Devices

The popular flash game Knightmare Tower is now available for iOS devices. In the game, players must launch their knight off the heads of monsters to propel themselves to the top of the Knightmare Tower to save the ten princesses. Users earn gold along the way to spend on various upgrades such as potions and accessories. The iOS version features different armors, swords and boots for those who like a little extra bling in their video games. Other features include a campaign mode with 70 quests, a survival mode, over 50 monsters to slice and dice, plus an epic boss battle.

Knightmare Tower

Knightmare Tower is a fun game that adds an interesting twist the the toss game genre. Think Burrito Bison if the goal was to go vertical instead of horizontal. Also don't let yourself be fooled by the cute looking cartoon graphics, Knightmare Tower is just as challenging as it is addictive

Yelp App Now Lets Your Post Reviews From Your iPhone

Yelp users no longer have to wait until they get home to review Amy's Baking Company and Jersey Joe's Pizzeria. Yelp version 7.0 adds the ability to write full reviews directly from your iPhone. Yelp users could only previously write "Tips", or short reviews from their mobile devices, but the new review feature now allows Yelpers to write lengthy posts on-the-go. Short reviews that are not considered "high-quality and useful" will be resubmitted to the Tips section by the Yelp staff. However, the reviewer has the ability to edit and add more detail to his or her review at a later date. Uploaded photos will also now appear alongside a person's mobile review.

Yelp 7.0

To write a review while using your iPhone, just locate the business you want to review, and tap the "add review" icon at the top of the page. It's that easy. Yelp version 7.0 is now available for all supported iOS devices. The mobile review option is "coming soon" for Android devices.

More Proof of Dual LED Flash on iPhone 5S

Another day, another leak showing off parts from the upcoming iPhone 5S. This time showcases the top glass piece from the back of the device. Pictured in black, this piece clearly shows a larger, pill-shaped hole for the LED flash, right next to the camera lens hole. The revised shape seems to confirm that Apple will include a brighter, dual-LED flash in the next iPhone.

dual LED flash iPhone 5S

Two LEDs means more light, bringing better illumination to photos that need a flash. MacRumors reported on the iPhone 5S camera module, which does not include an attached flash module. Instead, the LEDs will be a separate component from the camera sensor and lens unit. The current iPhone 5 relies on a single LED flash when taking photos in low light.

Alleged iPhone 5C Volume Buttons Show Red, Green, Blue And Yellow Colors

An image gallery of iPhone 5C volume buttons posted by Sonny Dickson reveals that the low-cost device could be available in red, green, blue and yellow. The alleged photos also show that the buttons will feature a pill-shaped design, instead of the typical round shape found on other Apple handsets.

iPhone 5C Volume Buttons

Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 5S and plastic multicolored iPhone 5C on Tuesday, September 10. Some analysts believe the low-cost iPhone will feature a four-inch display, and low end internal hardware to keep production costs low. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster told investors on Monday that Apple will also "exclude some software features, such as Siri," and that the iPhone 5C will replace the iPhone 4S as Apple’s lowest-cost device in the upcoming iPhone lineup.

Sony’s Rumored Smartphone 'Lens Camera' Leaked in Early Press Photo

A press photo for Sony's rumored camera attachment for Apple and Android devices has been leaked. According to SonyAlphaRumors, the Sony DSC-QX10 (pictured below) and DSC-QX100 "lens cameras" feature a "built-in sensor, Bionz processor, WiFi/NFC wireless connection and a SD card slot." Users will be able to control the lens cameras directly from their smartphone or tablet via WiFi or NFC, or use it as a separate device.

Sony Smartphone Camera Lens

Sony is expected to announce two models at its IFA press conference on September 4th. One will feature a RX100MII sensor and Carl Zeiss lens, and the other will be equipped with a 10x zoom lens with 18MP CMOS sensor.

How to Use NFL Mobile on a Jailbroken Device

The official NFL Mobile iOS app has been fully updated for the 2013-14 football season. Besides a redesigned and rebuilt interface, the latest NFL Mobile includes performance improvements and bug fixes. The app also drops built-in mPOINTS features, however points previously earned are still valid and can be redeemed using other SessionM apps.

NFL app iOS 2013

Scores, team alerts, fantasy team features, video highlights and more give mobile users full access to all the action starting with preseason match ups. National Football League fans with jailbroken devices may have already noticed that version 8.1 of the mobile app is not supported on jailbroken devices. Running the app on a jailbroken iOS device results in a message simply stating "Jailbroken device" and no functionality.

Apple to Reveal the Next iPhone on September 10

Sources have told AllThingsD to keep Tuesday, September 10 open for Apple's next big media event. The company is expected to reveal both the iPhone 5S and a lower-cost smartphone known as the iPhone 5C. Judging from past events, iOS 7 will likely be released for all users around the same time, ahead of the ship date for new iPhone models.

iOS 7 on iPhone 5

As September 10 approaches, rumors will continue to surface with scheduled event dates at the Moscone Center as well as upcoming vacation blackout dates for Apple employees falling under scrutiny. Although parts have yet to surface, a redesigned sapphire home button including fingerprint sensor technology is a feature reportedly coming to the iPhone 5S, which would undoubtedly steal the show at Apple's event.

iPhone 5S Sapphire Home Button Will Scan Fingerprints

Another report has surfaced indicating Apple plans to launch its next iPhone with a built-in fingerprint sensor. This time KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo explains that a new home button design will be convex instead of the current concave design, to accommodate the fingerprint sensor. The sapphire component will prevent scratches, much like the sapphire camera lens cover currently found on the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5S fingerprint

As MacRumors notes, Kuo has a decent track record offering information on upcoming Apple products. Kuo speculates that the iPhone home button provides the perfect place to use fingerprint sensor technology, and that Apple's use of AuthenTec technology would be advantageous. While many fingerprint sensors use optical recognition, this method can be affected by dust and other contaminants.

YouTube Creators Release Vine-like Video Sharing App With a Twist

The new iOS app MixBit is ready to take on Vine and Instagram in the rapidly growing world of social video sharing. MixBit allows users to capture 16 second "bits" (1 second longer than Instagram), and edit them together to create longer videos. Users can use their own bits, or any publicly shared video content from other MixBit contributors to create their own remixes.

MitxBit iOS app

MixBit creators Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, who are also the founders of YouTube, say remixing other people's videos is the principal goal of the new service.

“The whole purpose of MixBit is to reuse the content within the system,” explained Hurley. “I really want to focus on great stories that people can tell.”

Hurley and Chen believe younger users will prefer MixBit to Vine and Instagram because of its video editing tools. Vine offers zero editing options, while Instagram only features a few basic choices. One thing MitBix does not offer is the ability to create individual profiles. Instead, users must upload their content anonymously to a communal pool of clips. MitBix also doesn't allow its users to comment on other people's work. However, Hurley did say they're working on adding these options in the future.


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