Keep Track of iPhone Power With Battery Status

Wouldn't it be nice if your jailbroken iPhone told you battery information every time you plugged it in to charge? Battery Status is a tweak that does just that, conveniently letting you know how long it will take to fully charge your iPhone. Information can be delivered with an on-screen alert, spoken or both depending on the settings.

Battery Status Cydia iPhone tweak

Battery Status explains how much charge is remaining on the battery, what's required to achieve 100 percent charge, and how long this will take while plugged in. The alert can be configured to deliver information when plugging in, unplugging, or with an activator gesture at any time.

No More iMacs for Christmas? Apple Pushes Shipping Dates to January

Last minute shoppers may have missed their chance to order a 27-inch iMac in time for Christmas. Despite slipping stock prices for AAPL, consumer demand seems to be as vibrant as ever. Apple has pushed the shipping date for the desktop into January, leaving holiday shoppers with only two options: Settle for a 21.5-inch iMac, which is shipping in "7-10 business days", or hope the 27-inch iMac becomes in stock via a third party retailer before the holiday.

Apple iMacs 2012

The online product tracking service is now monitoring both the 21.5-inch and 27-inch iMac models. A quick glance at the iMac tracker reveals some retailers are shipping the 21.5-inch model immediately, however, shipping times for the 27-inch iMac at most retailers remain unclear. Some retailers suggest calling ahead of time for availability, while others list no estimated time of delivery at all. Users can "follow" the iMac tracker in hopes the 27-inch model will become available with an expedited shipping option at one of the listed retailers. This may be a last minute hail mary, but it is the only option for those who hope to have a 27-inch iMac under the Christmas tree this year.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour has Arrived on iOS

More iOS games? Could it be a better week for iPhone and iPod touch gaming enthusiasts? This week has already seen announcements of Grand Theft Auto Vice City, Final Fantasy IV, and brand new levels in Angry Birds Seasons. Now Gameloft has added Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour to the list of iOS titles available on the App Store.

Modern Combat 4 FPS iOS

Thanks to use of the Havok Engine, Gameloft has been touting the mobile graphics in the game as nothing less than console-quality. Sure, the game might set you back $6.99 on iTunes, but there's a reason why it's been known as the number one FPS.

These Bluetooth 4 Watches Connect to Your iPhone

Whether you prefer analog or digital watches, there are now an increasing number of options for iPhone owners looking to take advantage of Bluetooth 4. The low-power technology makes it possible for these watches to connect to the iPhone all day and deliver alerts and data directly from the smartphone. Citizen and Casio have independently announced two options for those who will be in the market for a new wristwatch.

Casio Citizen Bluetooth 4 iPhone watch

On the left, Casio's entry is the Bluetooth G-Shock which retails for $180 and delivers all kinds of data via the digital display. On the right, analog fans will find the Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity fetching $495 and delivering alerts through vibration and notification areas on the watch face. The Proximity comes in two color combinations, blue accents with a silver body or green accents with a black body.

Add a Secure Wrist Strap to the iPhone 4 or 5

So you dig that cool wrist strap that Apple includes with the iPod touch? Now you can get a slick, leather loop for your iPhone 4 or iPhone 5. This is a really simple idea that helps to keep the iPhone secure in your hand, making the device more like a pocket camera and protecting it from falling.

iPhone wrist strap Photojojo

Photojojo is offering the iPhone wrist strap for $35, and the accessory is fully compatible with the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. You can even continue to use most cases with the lightweight aluminum bracket installed.

iPhone 5S Parts Leak as Trial Production Begins

With the iPhone 5 just over three months old, rumors and information have already begun to surface about Apple's next generation smartphone. The evidence so far points to summer 2013 as the tentative release date for an iPhone 5S. Apple is likely to improve on the iPhone 5 design with internal upgrades, while keeping the same form factor.

iPhone 5S chassis part

Photos have purportedly been leaked showing the back panel of the iPhone 5S, which exhibits several minor differences from the current iPhone 5 chassis. Most notably there are two screw holes on the inside of the backplate that have been shifted to a slightly different location. ETrade Supply released several photos showing the inside and outside of what they claim is the iPhone 5S housing.

Final Fantasy IV Coming to iOS December 20

iPhone and iPad gamers will be able to enjoy Final Fantasy 4 from Square Enix in just two weeks. An official release date of December 20 will bring the updated title to iOS for an introductory sale price. After the intro period the developer is expected to set App Store pricing at $17.99 for the premium Final Fantasy experience.

iOS Final Fantasy IV

Unlike the original title, which launched in 1991 on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, the iOS version will feature upgraded 3D graphics. The new look is based on the Nintendo DS version of Final Fantasy IV, which made the jump from two-dimensional graphics to 3D in 2008.

iPhone 5 Goes on Sale at Radio Shack and Best Buy

Good news for iPhone 5 shoppers this holiday season. Your patience has paid off and now that the iPhone 5 has been out for a couple of months, retailers are starting to discount the price. Radio Shack is offering the iPhone 5 at $20 off full price, making the 16GB iPhone 5 only $179 with a two-year contract in stores.

apple iphone 5 sale radio shack best buy gift card

Best Buy has also offered iPhone 5 shoppers a deal. Purchase the iPhone 5 from Best Buy and the company will give you a $25 Best Buy gift card for free. The physical gift card or e-gift card will be delivered to customers purchasing the iPhone 5 with a two-year service contract at Best Buy stores or online.

T-Mobile Plans to Stop Subsidizing Smartphones in 2013

With its back against the wall, T-Mobile has decided to shake up the mobile market by putting an end to subsidized smartphones. All four major U.S. carriers offer smartphones at a subsidized price, but customers must agree to long contracts which prohibit them from upgrading their devices. T-Mobile believes ditching the subsidy model favored by AT&T, Sprint and Verizon will appeal to customers who are tired of the restrictions. Chief Executive John Legere said under the new model customers will be able to freely upgrade their devices by trading them in.

No More Subsidized Smartphones

Legere did not say when the carrier plans to rollout its new policy, but promised the Apple experience would be "dramatically different" for T-Mobile customers. T-Mobile also managed to avoid agreeing to the same $15.5 billion iPhone deal Sprint signed up for last year, and the move will help T-Mobile cut back on upfront costs.

Metallica Joins Spotify, Reminisces with Napster Cofounder Sean Parker

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich and Napster cofounder Sean Parker met for an interesting conversation at the Spotify press event in New York City on Thursday. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek's announcement that Metallica would be joining the music streaming service was followed by an interview with Parker, who is a Spotify board member, and the outspoken Ulrich. The two talked about their legal feud and long history. You can watch the entire Spotify event below, or skip to the Parker/Ulrich Q&A at the 36:00 mark.

Spotify also announced a few new features including a Follow tab which allows users to get music recommendations from friends, artists, influencers and media in real time. The all-new Discover tab uses social tools with content from Pitchfork, Songkick Tunigo and more to continually seek out the most relevant content for you.

The page includes:

· New single and album releases from the artists you follow

· All the music and playlists shared by influencers you follow

· Intelligent recommendations based on your listening history including music, reviews, and concerts

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