Six iOS 7 Features You Won't Find on the iPhone 4

iOS 7 runs on the iPhone 4 and later, but this doesn't mean that the iPhone 4 supports all of the new features found on Apple's new OS. This happens a lot with Apple's older devices when a new software is released. The iPhone 4's hardware just can't support all the fun things iOS 7 brings to Apple's newer devices. The new OS even looks different on the iPhone 4 because Apple has disabled some of its graphical effects to take the pressure off its older A4 chip.

iPhone 4 iOS 7 Features

For example, the iPhone 4 does not feature live wallpapers and the parallax effect found on the home and lock screens. It also misses out on the wireless peer-to-peer file sharing feature AirDrop, panorama and filters in the Camera app (however you can apply them later in the Photo app), and of course the iPhone 4 is still without Siri and all its new tricks.

Apple Claims Demand for New iPhones Has Been Incredible, iPhone 5s in Short Supply

Shipping times for the iPhone 5s have been pushed back to October for the gold model, and there is now a 7-to-10-day wait period for the silver and gray models. Apple told AllThingsD that "demand for the new iPhones has been incredible," and they are limiting "supply of certain iPhone 5s models in some stores."

iPhone 5s

Sources at multiple U.S. carriers previously told AllThingsD that inventory for the new iPhone was "grotesquely unavailable" before its launch on Friday. We won't know for sure if demand is actually high, or if supply is just limited, until Monday after Apple releases its official sales report.

ClamCase Announces First iOS 7 Gamepad

ClamCase is one of the first accessory makers to take advantage of Apple's MFi (Made for iOS) game controller support in iOS 7. Apple previewed the new feature during an event called "Integrating with Game Controllers" at WWDC in June.


The Bluetooth gamepad features full-sized buttons, thumbstick controls and a built-in lithium-ion battery. Players can also use their iOS device's integrated gyroscope and accelerometer for "3D motion," and will still have access to their iPhone's touch-based controls while using the GameCase.

Target and Walmart Offer Discount on iPhone 5c

Two major retailers, Target and Walmart, have both announced a $20 discount off the on contract price of the 16GB iPhone 5c model when purchased either online or in person at their in-store mobile centers. The phone, priced at $99, drops to $79 with the mark down. Target is offering an additional 5% off if you purchase the phone with your Target REDcard. All other models remain at their original prices.

iPhone 5c Deals

As far as the iPhone 5s is concerned, Walmart has dropped the price of that 16GB version down $10, from $199 to $189. Not a significant savings, but it’s still ten extra bucks in your pocket. Target, however, is staying with the original $199 sticker price.

Not Eligible to Upgrade to the iPhone 5S? Do it Anyway for Less Than $100

The next-generation iPhones go on sale at tomorrow at 12:01 a.m. PST, and at local Apple stores at 8 a.m., but unfortunately not everyone is eligible for an upgrade through their mobile provider. AT&T and Verizon Wireless early termination fees range between $325-350, making it expensive to upgrade to a new device every year. However, there is a way you can terminate your contract and still have a little extra cash to put towards a new iPhone 5s.

iPhone Trade In

While there are many mobile phone trade in services, the best we have found is through NextWorth is currently offering around $300 or higher for used iPhones in working condition. For example, if you're one year into your AT&T contract your early termination fee will be $325 minus $10 for every month you've completed. If you trade in your your 32GB iPhone 5 to NextWorth for $317, you can pay off your $205 early termination fee and you'll still have around $112 left over to put towards a new iPhone 5s. The same deal also applies to Verizon Wireless users, but you'll have a little less extra cash on hand since their ETF is higher than AT&T's. This means you can potentially nab a 16GB iPhone 5s for around $90 or a 32GB model for around $190.

Google Wallet Now Available for iOS Devices

Google Wallet landed in the App Store this morning sans NFC, since iOS devices do not support it. Besides the missing "tap-to-pay" option, the iOS version does include all the features found on the Android version.

Google Wallet iOS

Google Wallet users can send money to any friend in the US via email, and store credit / debit cards and loyalty programs on the app. Users can also keep their app locked with a PIN and disable the app through Google's site if their device becomes lost or stolen.

Apple Launches Designed for iOS 7 App Store Section

Most of the major apps like Twitter and Facebook have already been redesigned to match the new look of iOS 7, and Apple has made it easier to hunt them down by creating a "Designed for iOS 7" section in the Apple App Store. The new section allows you to look through featured apps or search for a specific app by release date or name.

Designed for iOS 7

If you haven't upgraded to iOS 7 (or can't), you can still use the updated Twitter app, and get the latest Facebook update that adds the new bottom tool bar. Other notable apps that have also been upgraded for iOS 7 include Evernote, Zillow, NYTimes, Open Table and RunKeeper.

iPhone 5s Reportedly in Short Supply

Multiple online sources are saying the supply of the iPhone 5s will be “extremely limited” upon its September 20th release . If you’re in the market for the white/silver and white/gold colored phones, you might have an even harder time getting your hands on those models than you will the “Space Gray” versions. “An average of three out of every four units” will come in that color according to 9to5Mac.

iPhone 5s

Unlike the iPhone 5c, the 5s was not available for pre-order, so those seeking the new device will have to either wait by the computer on Thursday night for the clock to strike 12:01, or rush to a local retailer first thing Friday morning. Although the cause of this shortage has not been confirmed, BGR speculates this lack of supply could be the reason for the ban on pre-launch sales. All available stock is being reserved for stores on the day of release.

iPhone 3G and 3GS Owners Can Now Download Older Versions of Apps From the App Store

iPhone 3G owners can finally stop threatening to throw away their phones. Users with older iPhones can now download legacy versions of apps that no longer support their device. For example, the iPhone 3G only supports iOS 4.2.1, and iPhone 3GS users will not be able to download iOS 7 when it is officially launched on September 18th. This causes a problem for users with older phones because most apps currently require iOS 4.3 or later to work.

App Store Legacy App

As you can see from the screenshot above, the App Store will now give you the option to install the "last compatible version" of an app. So if you're stuck at iOS 4.2.1, but the app you want to install now requires iOS 4.3 to work, you can now download the 4.2.1 version of that app.

Download the Free Grand Theft Auto iFruit App Before the Game Launches Tomorrow

Rockstar Games has released a companion app for Grand Theft Auto V, which launches for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 tomorrow. The app entitled iFruit allows users to create their own unique vehicle, and reserve custom license plates for both Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. iFruit also works as the ultimate GTA hub offering the latest Grand Theft Auto news, and the ability to log into the Rockstar Games Social Club.

Grand Theft Auto V

iOS users can earn advantages by taking care of their virtual pet Chop the Dog via the app. Feeding, playing and walking Chop will make him more helpful and responsive to Franklin within the console version of the game. Users can also teach Chop tricks like begging and earn credits to purchase him new collars.


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