Can I transfer my AT&T iPhone to the Verizon Network?

Can I transfer my AT&T iPhone to the Verizon Network?

Nope. Unfortunately, some information found on Verizon's website has potentially confused some unhappy AT&T iPhone owners into thinking they can jump ship with their current iPhone and not have to buy a new iPhone for the Verizon network.

This isn't the case, you cannot use an AT&T compatible iPhone 4 on the Verizon Wireless network. Your current iPhone 4 in use on the AT&T network uses GSM / HSDPA technology and is not compatible with the Verizon Wireless network. The Verizon Wireless network compatible iPhone 4 is a 3G CDMA version of the iPhone 4.


If, as seems reasonable, the manufacturers install the chips for both CDMA and GSM in all phone, and then block one depending on who their customer is, it should be possible to unblock the one that is blocked. The process called "unlock" doesn't seem to do that. In fact I cant figure out what the exact technical process is for "unlocking"-what is locked that becomes unlocked. Also the IMDEI number seems to be crucial. Perhaps changing that number is crucial to unlocking, but there seems to be now way to do that at least for converting from ATT to Verizon and vice versa. Any thoughts.

This is exactly why! They want you to stay! Truth is iphone 5 and UP are WORLD PHONES. They have one radio in them...this radio picks up GSM, CDMA, and LTE technologies. In later models like the 5 the CDMA side of the radio is locked with the firmware. Thats why your iphone has to be restored with itunes during the unlock process. GSM is authenticated to the network with the sim card... this is why verizon iphones can simply pop in a ATT or T-Mo sim and be good to go. Verizon is different... the IMEI number has to be added to there database in order to authenticate to the CDMA side.
It was formerly there policy to not add gsm iphones to there database.... this allowed them to sell phones, and take trade-ins. Makes sales sense.. but now that phones arent subsidize.. if you talk to a agent that gives a hoot they will add your gsm iphone 5 or better to the database and your good to go. Did it today with my old as dirt ATT iphone 5 today for my daughter. Hope this clarifies it for all....... iphone 5 and newer are FULLY TRANSFERABLE