How do I correct Siri mistakes?

How do I correct Siri mistakes?

One of the most frustrating things about Siri is having to restart when she doesn't understand your question, but there is a better solution than just hitting your Home button. You can manually correct Siri by using your device's keyboard. For example, if you are trying to locate "Dubai" on a map, and Siri searches for "goodbye", just tap the incorrect answer to open your keyboard. You can now use the keyboard to replace "goodbye" with "Dubai", then tap the "Done" button to resend the question. This is much easier than asking Siri the same question multiple times until she gets it right.

Siri Mistakes



That's not very helpful. If I was in a position to type I wouldn't be using Siri. The whole idea is to have an assistant that responds to the spoken voice. Siri has a long way to go before it's very useful. You can't even use Siri unless you have internet coverage. So calling one of your contacts or messaging, when you're out in the sticks and using gprs still has to be done by typing. Not much use to me. I live and work out in the country.