Can I turn off backup encryption in iTunes without the password?

Can I turn off backup encryption in iTunes without the password?

Once iTunes is set to encrypt iPhone backups, switching this feature off requires the password. What if the password is forgotten or unknown? You can still reset iTunes to make a fresh backup without encryption. Follow these steps to uncheck Encrypt iPhone backup:

Perform these steps at your own risk!

1. Delete any Mail Exchange accounts on the iPhone.
2. Delete old encrypted backups from iTunes.
3. Use iExplorer or ssh to delete the file /private/var/Keychains/Keychain-2.db from the iOS filesystem. Note: this step will clear stored passwords from your device.
4. Restart the iPhone.
5. Connect the iPhone to your computer and open iTunes.
6. Uncheck the box next to Encrypt iPhone backup.
7. If prompted for a password, enter the passcode currently set on your iPhone.

When successful, iTunes should begin backing up the iPhone to an unencrypted backup. If this does not happen, start a new unencrypted backup manually.


can you list the steps for me please ?

Works like a charm. Thank you so much

Thanks Dud...

that was verrrry helpfullll.verrrrrrryyyy

Follow this to the letter exactly

one thing though, qhwn you connect your iphone to itunes, make sure it's open, i.e you have entered your passcode and you are looking at your homescreen, not your lock screen

Another stupid idea from apple idiots. The user should have the option to encrypt or not to encrypt their iphone backup during back up process, not the vendor or itune. Again... apple with another stupid invention idea. wait until they invented the car that doesn't allow user to brake on accelerate the car.

Worked like a charm on IOS 7.1.1. prompted passcode given as 0000.. worked for me.. Kudos for you. Thanks.

Thanks I just tried 0000 directly and It works! it seems this is the default I-tunes is putting. Prior doing anything else try this.

I haven't tried the writer's method above, but I think it looks slightly cumbersome. I think a piece of specialized iTunes backup password recovery software will make things easier. Here I recommend ''iTunes Password Refixer'' to everyone. It helped me find my iPhone iTunes backup password in just a few minutes. You can try.

If you have a situation where it is impossible to restore these devices due to the presence of a password for the backup, I will decide your problem. (

I'm on 9.3.3. I did not have to delete my exchange email accounts and it still worked. After renaming (safer than deleting imho) the keychain-2.db file through iFile, the phone restarted and seemed like it was restored, but after clicking through the tutorial, it was back working again. The only change was that all the passwords were gone, for email, for wifis, for Facebook, etc. But you can just sign in again to everything.
I was able to uncheck the encryption box using my passcode as password.

Many thanks!