How do I add apps to my App Library?

iOS 14 offers an updated UI with customizable widgets and an App Library which lives at the end of your iPhone app pages. You can use the App Library to clean up your Home screen by hiding unwanted or frequently used apps instead of deleting them.

App Library

Here's how to remove an app from the Home screen without actually deleting it:

  • Long press the app icon you want to remove or hide.
  • Tap Remove App from the popup menu.
  • Tap Add to Library.

This will remove the app icon from your Home screen and place it in your App Library. You can now use the Search feature to locate and access the removed app. You can also access the App Library by swiping right on your Home screen. Here you'll find app categories such as Social, Productivity, and Entertainment, suggested apps and more. All apps in the App Library are automatically organized into categories by iOS.