How can I change / reset my iPhone voicemail password?

If your iPhone wireless carrier supports visual voicemail:

1. Navigate to Settings -> Phone -> Change Voicemail Password
2. Enter your current password
3. Enter the new password

For iPhones on the AT&T network, if you are prompted for your visual voicemail password and you can't remember what it is:

1. Press the ? button in the password field and an option to call AT&T for help will appear.
2. Follow the menu prompts to reset your visual voicemail password.

How can I fix my iPhone visual voicemail?

Some iPhone users may have noticed their visual voicemail stopped working after installing the 3.0 tethering hack. To check and see if you are not receiving your messages have someone leave you a message, then check voicemail manually.

To check voicemail dial your phone number directly from the iPhone. Press "1" to check messages. If you have voicemails waiting for you but no visual voicemail try this fix.

Will voicemail work on my unlocked iPhone?

As you either already knew or have quickly discovered, the iPhone's visual voicemail feature only works on approved networks. Though a feature created and supported by the iPhone, visual voicemail is actually a service provided by your wireless carrier.

Does this mean your voicemail icon/button on your iPhone will be "broken" if you're using an unlocked iPhone? Thankfully, no.


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