Apple Details New iTunes Kids Category for Developers

After revamping its App Store Review guidelines with new rules on children’s applications, Apple emailed developers with additional details on its new iTunes "Kids" category. Apple originally previewed the new category for children at WWDC in June. The new section "provides parents with a place on the App Store to find age-appropriate apps for children," according to the email sent out by Apple. The letter also breaks down the age subcategories as 5 & under, 6-to-8, and 9-to-11.

Apps For Kids

Apple has revamped the App Store a few times this year to make it more parent and school friendly. In April, the company made app age ratings more visible, and added a pop-up warning to all 17+ rated content. Apple also created a new system for "educational institutions" to add individual accounts for children under the age of 13.

iOS 7 Beta 5 Now Avilable

Apple has rolled out its second iOS 7 beta after giving its developer center a major overhaul last week. iOS 7 beta 5 is now available as an OTA update for registered developers. The last release brought several bug fixes plus interface and performance tweaks to the OS. Notable changes included more proof that Apple could be adding an iPhone fingerprint scanner, and the addition of a less confusing Lock screen. This is also believed to be the last beta Apple will release before they launch the final version in September.

iOS 7 Beta 5

iOS 7 will not only add a host of new features like iTunes Radio, but it will also completely change the look and feel of all supported iOS devices. Apple's all-new design promises to deliver a whole new experience for iOS users. It will be interesting to see the general public's reaction when it's released later this year.

Apple Wants Users to Report iMessage Spam

iMessage Spam, we all get it, and we all think it is annoying. Luckily Apple is tired of it too, and has established a way for iPhone users to report it. iPhone owners can now take a screenshot of unwanted spam, and email them to You must include the full email address or phone number of the spammer, and the date and time that you received the message. It's unknown what Apple plans to do with the information, but hopefully they're planning to do something to slow down the amount of iMessage spam iPhone owners receive.

iMessage Spam

Apple is also adding the ability to block unwanted callers with iOS 7. Users will be able to add specific contacts to a "Block Contact" list after the new firmware is released. Previously you needed a jailbroken device to block unwanted calls.

Apple Responds to PRISM Accusations

Apple has posted a public letter addressing the recent PRISM scandal where companies like Google and Facebook were accused of giving the government access to personal data without a warrant. Apple, Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Microsoft all originally denied secretly cooperating with government officials, and said they only disclose user data when in accordance with the law. However, Edward Snowden, the former security contractor who leaked details of the PRISM program, said the tech companies were "misleading" in their responses. Perhaps that's why Apple felt it needed to clarify its customer privacy policy by posting an open letter to its users on its website.


Here's Apple's original response:

"We have never heard of PRISM. We do not provide any government agency with direct access to our servers, and any government agency requesting customer data must get a court order.”

Here's What Your iPhone Will Look Like in a Few Months

Monday was a huge day for the tech world. Most eyes were glued to the console wars, where Sony ultimately made the Xbox One look like an overpriced glorified cable box. Apple was also busy showing off its new redesigned OS, which is going to give your iPhone and iPad a whole new look and feel. Apple unveiled iOS 7 at the WWDC keynote on Monday, and it was a huge announcement, even if it was overshadowed by the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This is an advanced warning, your iPhone is going to drastically change, so you better start getting used to it now.

iOS 7 New Look

iOS 7 is going to completely change your iPhone. Your app icons, phone keypad, email and everything else are getting complete makeovers. Here are two charts that compare the new iOS 7 icons to the old iOS 6 icons. The only way you can avoid these new icons is by not upgrading to iOS 7 when it's released.

U.S. Cellular to Carry Apple Products Later This Year

After turning down the chance to carry the iPhone in 2011, U.S. Cellular has decided to start offering Apple devices to its 5.8 million subscribers. U.S. Cellular president and CEO Mary N. Dillon said the carrier plans to "increase loyalty and attract more customers" by carrying Apple products later this year.

Apple Carriers

U.S. Cellular is one of the last major U.S. wireless providers that doesn't offer the iPhone. T-Mobile began carrying the iPhone in April, and is considering launching a MetroPCS-branded Apple device after acquiring the carrier earlier this week. Sprint started offering Apple products beginning with the iPhone 4S in 2011.

How to Block Mature Content on Your iPhone

Apple has a strict no adult content policy for the App Store, but the recent increase of social sharing services is making it impossible for the company to police every app available for iOS devices. Apple recently pulled the popular photo-sharing app 500px because users were able to access nude images. The app was eventually allowed back into the App Store, but its removal prompted Apple to makes its App Store age ratings more visible to users. Some apps like the video sharing service Vine, have also been slapped with a 17+ rating due to people uploading adult content to their profiles. Luckily for parents there is a way to block children from downloading mature rated content, however, parents should still monitor what their children are doing with their mobile devices.

iPhone Restrictions

For example, Snapchat allows users to send pictures and texts that are deleted within seconds after being seen. The app has been criticized for misleading kids into thinking it's safe to send compromising photos because they will eventually disappear. However, anyone who knows how to take a screenshot can easily save an image sent to them through the app. Snapchat does alert the sender if a screenshot has been taken, but by that point the damage has already been done.

Apple Announces WWDC 2013

Apple announced today that the Worldwide Developers Conference will be held June 10 through June 14 in San Francisco. Tickets for the annual five-day conference will cost $1,599, and go on sale April 25 at 10 a.m. PT. Developers who can't afford or make it to WWDC will be able to watch videos of the event during the conference.

WWDC 2013

Last year's WWDC sold out in less than two hours, and event videos were only made available weeks after the conference had ended. Apple announced the decision to post the videos during the event on the WWDC general info page.

"Can’t make it to WWDC? We'll be posting videos of all our sessions during the conference, so Registered Apple Developers can take advantage of great WWDC content."

No More iMacs for Christmas? Apple Pushes Shipping Dates to January

Last minute shoppers may have missed their chance to order a 27-inch iMac in time for Christmas. Despite slipping stock prices for AAPL, consumer demand seems to be as vibrant as ever. Apple has pushed the shipping date for the desktop into January, leaving holiday shoppers with only two options: Settle for a 21.5-inch iMac, which is shipping in "7-10 business days", or hope the 27-inch iMac becomes in stock via a third party retailer before the holiday.

Apple iMacs 2012

The online product tracking service is now monitoring both the 21.5-inch and 27-inch iMac models. A quick glance at the iMac tracker reveals some retailers are shipping the 21.5-inch model immediately, however, shipping times for the 27-inch iMac at most retailers remain unclear. Some retailers suggest calling ahead of time for availability, while others list no estimated time of delivery at all. Users can "follow" the iMac tracker in hopes the 27-inch model will become available with an expedited shipping option at one of the listed retailers. This may be a last minute hail mary, but it is the only option for those who hope to have a 27-inch iMac under the Christmas tree this year.

iPhone 5 Pricing to Remain Same as iPhone 4S

Even more information regarding Apple's Wednesday iPhone 5 announcement has leaked. This time, sources at 9to5Mac claim Apple will launch one updated iPhone model code named the N42.

iPhone 5

The N42 does not feature NFC components like its sister prototype the N41, which was revealed earlier this year. Apple plans to keep pricing identical to iPhone 4S pricing, which means $199, $299 and $399 subsidized price points depending on how much storage is included.

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