Apple, Megafon Sign Deal to Sell 750,000 iPhones in Russia

Reuters has reported that Megafon, Russia's second biggest mobile phone operator, has signed an agreement with Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) guaranteeing it will purchase 750,000 iPhones over the next three years.

Apple makes deal with Russia's Megafon

According to Reuters, the agreement was originally struck in January between Megafon and Apple's Russian subsidiary, though details were not released until this week. In addition to purchasing the 750,000 iPhones, Megafon committed to

Report Shows Increase in Apple's U.S. Smartphone Market Share

comScore Inc., a leading digital measurements and analytics firm, today released its MobilLens and Mobile Metrix data for the last quarter of 2013, ending January. The data show top smartphone manufacturers, top mobile platforms, top apps and top properties.

According to comScore's data, smartphone owner ship increased by 7% during the last quarter, up to 159.8 million people. Smartphones accounted for 66.8% of all phones. Apple once again led the pack as the top smartphone OEM (original equipment manufacturer) with 41.6% of all subscribers, up 1% since October. Top Apple rival, Samsung, was second with 26.7%, and LG, Motorola and HTC were distant followers with 6.9%, 6.4% and 5.4% respectively.

comScore top OEMs

Google's Android ranked as the top smartphone platform with 51.7% market share, which was .5% lower than in October. Apple came in second with 41.6%, again a 1% increase. Microsoft, Blackberry and Symbian filled in the rest with 3.2%, 3.1% and

Apple Dominates Handset Market in Q4, Takes 87% of Total Profits

In a note to investors on Monday, Raymond James analyst Tavis McCourt indicated that although Apple's dominance in the mobile phone market increased even further, taking a whopping 87.4% of the total industry profits, the growth of the market itself is markedly slowing down.

Apple claims 87% of mobile phone industry profits

According to the report, Apple took 87.4% of the profits while Samsung claimed 32.2%. The fact that so many other vendors in the industry lost money allowed Apple and Samsung to account for over 100% of the industry's earnings in the Q4 2013. Apple and Samsung accounted for 77.8% and 26.1% of the mobile phone industry's profits in Q4 of the previous year. Although these two companies

Google to Bring Chrome Apps to iOS

Google's Chrome Apps have been available for desktop systems running Chrome OS and Windows for some time now, and they just became available for Mac users early last December. Google is now bringing Chrome Apps to both Android and iOS via Apache's Cordova platform, which is a set of APIs (application programming interface) that allow mobile app developers to access native device functions (such as a camera or accelerometer) with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Chrome Apps for iOS

Google today released a preview of a toolchain for developers. This tool will allow developers to wrap their Chrome apps in a native shell and submit them to Apple's App Store and Google Play. In addition to a multitude of APIs available in Cordova,

Apple Stock Drops Nearly 9% Despite Record Breaking Q1 Numbers

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) today released results for its fiscal 2014 first quarter (ended December 28th 2013), and while some of the numbers were record breakers for the tech giant, they still fell short of analysts' expectations. This, accompanied by a disappointing Q2 forecast, caused the stock to drop nearly 9% during after hours trading. According to OppTrends, Apple shares were trading for around $502 at 5:43 P.M. EST today.

AAPL stock dips

Apple reported a record quarterly revenue of $57.6 billion and quarterly net profit of $13.1 billion, or $14.50 per diluted share. These are up from revenue of $54.5 billion and net profit of $13.1 billion, or $13.81 per diluted share, for Q1 2012. Gross margin dipped slightly to 37.9, down from 38.6 a year ago. iPhone sales

Apple Takes Another Step Toward Mobile Payments

It is, or at least should be, obvious that making purchases at retail stores with your mobile device, while bypassing store personnel altogether, is going to be the norm at some point in the future. When this will be is the mystery. The technology is already widely used in Japan, South Korea and many countries in Europe. In America however, no clear leader has emerged and things are moving at a much slower pace, but progressing nonetheless. Google has been experimenting with Google Wallet and NFC (near field communication) technology on its Android handsets for some time. Apple has also been gradually building the groundwork for its own mobile payment system and yesterday, according to the Wall Street Journal, there was another development in its endeavor.

Apple mobile payment system patent

On Friday, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Senior VP of Internet and Software Services, Eddie Cue, met with other technology industry executives to discuss their interest in making mobile payments for goods and services from mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad. The WSJ also reported that Apple has charged executive Jennifer

Apple to Discontinue iPhone 5c, Release Two Large Display iPhones Later this Year

According to The Wall Street Journal, anonymous sources have indicated that Apple plans to discontinue production of the iPhone 5c and launch two new iPhones with larger displays sometime in late 2014.

Apple to discontinue iPhone 5c

There has been much talk about the iPhone 5c sales coming in well below Apple's expectations. This cannot be confirmed however, as Apple does not disclose sales based on iPhone model. Analysts point towards ineffective pricing strategy - the colorful, plastic-backed 5c starts at $100 with a two year contract ($550 without

iPhone Debuts for China Mobile and more Apple News Jan. 12th - 18th

The biggest news for Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) and its shareholders last week was the debut of the iPhone in China. On Friday, China Mobile, the world's largest carrier with over 750 million subscribers, began selling the iPhone 5c and 5s. Pre-orders for the devices began in December and reached 1 million. Analysts expect China Mobile to sell anywhere from 10 million to 15 million iPhones this year. You can read more about this here.

Apple's market share grows

The 2013 Q4 numbers also came in last week and, according to market research company NPD Group, Apple saw significant gains. Apple's market share grew from 35% in Q4 2012 to 42% in Q4 2013. NPD also found that smart phone ownership is growing, claiming six out of ten phones, up from 52% last year. As would be

App Store Tops $10 Billion in Sales in 2013

Apple announced today that its 2013 App Store sales topped a staggering $10 billion, with $1 billion coming in December alone. That number reflects the nearly 3 billion apps that iOS users downloaded over the course of the month, making it the App Store's most successful month ever.

App Store

Today's press release also noted that app developers have earned in the neighborhood of $15 billion since the App Store's inception. Unsurprisingly, some of the most popular apps of the year included Candy Crush Saga, Puzzles & Dragons, Minecraft, QuizUp and Clumsy Ninja. Some came as surprise successes - Ellen DeGeneres' Heads Up, ProtoGeo’s Moves, Simon Filip’s Afterlight and Kevin

iPhone 5c Reportedly Not Selling Well, Apple Cuts Production in Half

There are a lot of signs that suggest the iPhone 5c isn’t selling as well as Apple expected. First of all, the "unapologetically plastic" phone has been been readily available since its launch. iPhone 5s shipping times are currently estimated at two to three weeks, while the iPhone 5c is shipping within 24 hours. It also seems like a lot of third party retailers can't wait to give the phone away. Large retail chains such as Best Buy and Walmart are currently in the middle of an iPhone 5c price race to see who can offer the handset for cheaper. There have also been reports that all the major carriers have a lot of unsold iPhone 5c stock sitting around.

iPhone 5c Sales

Top analysts like Ming-Chi Kuo have also begun slashing their iPhone 5c sale estimates. Business Insider reported on Friday that Kuo "is now estimating Apple shipped 11.4 million 5c units in the September quarter, a 33% drop from his original estimate." Kuo expects "iPhone 5c sales to be just 10.4 million units for the December quarter, a 10% sequential drop."

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