Despite Microsoft's Claims, ATT to Target iPhone to Business Users

Last week, direct comments from Microsoft executives termed the iPhone as "irrelevant" and unfit for business. For most of us, this was almost like stating the obvious. The iPhone is a multimedia device targeted towards a youthful market of music-driven iPod users, loaded with entertainment oriented features. The idea that Blackberry or Treo users wouldn't be replacing their devices with an iPhone sort of seemed like common sense.


iPhone Stores Popping Up

With two months still in front of us until the Apple iPhone hits stores, more and more iPhone accessory and add-on stores are starting to pop up on the web.

Today, we at iPhoneFAQ launched our merchant partnered iPhone Store. Though the iPhone itself isn't here yet, plenty of goodies are. Many popular accessories such as car kits, spare chargers, screen protectors, bluetooth adapters, and stereo headsets are already available for the iPhone.


Where can I buy Apple iPhone accessories?

We've made this one easy for you.

Through merchant parters, you can buy almost any of the plethora of iPhone accessories right here at The iPhone FAQ. Whether you're looking for iPhone headphones, iPhone chargers, iPhone screen protectors, or even books about the iPhone to help you make the most of your device - chances are you can find it here.

Head to our iPhone Store to browse the available products.


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