Make Google Chrome and Third Party iOS Apps Faster by Giving them a Nitrous Boost

If you prefer Google Chrome (or any other browser) over Safari but use Safari because it's faster, I have the perfect jailbreak tweak for you. iPhone users can now give Chrome and other third party apps a speed boost with a new jailbreak tweak called Nitrous.

Jailbreak Tweak

Safari is faster than other mobile browsers on the iPhone because Apple restricts access to the fast Nitro Javascript engine in iOS. Nitrous levels the playing field by unlocking the Javascript block for third party apps. This allows browsers like Chrome and apps like Tweetbot to perform much better.

iDownloadblog put Nitrous through some tests to see if it really works. Using SunSpider’s Javascript Benchmark tool, IDB discovered that Chrome is substantially slower than Safari when not using Nitrous, and it's a lot more a lot more comparable to Safri when Nitrous is enabled.

"Not only do the hard line figures speak volumes for this tweak, but I can actually attest to the fact that the tweak makes Chrome more responsive as well. Pages load faster, and you’ll notice an overall boost in snappiness and response as a result."

Jailbreakers can now use Nitrous and Ryan Petrich's BrowserChooser to break free of their Safari shackles. The tweak is $1 via Cydia’s BigBoss repo.


By default Google chrome uses 128 MB RAM. This might be the reason for lag in your browser. In the browser type “chrome://flags/#max-tiles-for-interest-area” and select the Maximum tiles for interest area Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Android. This value is preset to Default here. Now select “512” in here, so that your browser will use 512 MB RAM, will perform better than before. Once you select the value in here, click on relaunch. I found it in here,