More Fixes and Features Surface in Apple iPhone 1.01 Firmware Update

As a few days have passed since the first iPhone software update became available, users have begun reporting additional features, fixes, and enhancements resulting from new firmware. Although Apple's official indication regarding the update noted only security and bug fixes to the iPhone's Safari browser and it's underlying webkit, initial reports showed evidence of more expansive improvements.

Users have been reporting a generally improved iPhone experience. Things seem snappier, annoying bugs have been removed, and a few lacking features already added.

the iphone 1.01 firmware update

Here is a list of some of the new improvements that have surfaced since our initial report about the iPhone 1.01 update:

  • calculator bugs fixed
  • VPN now remembers security and password settings between sessions
  • calendar alerts added to sound settings
  • Google Maps glitches resolved
  • FM transmitter accessories now work with the iPhone (we've read reports of both Griffin and Kensington)
  • generally, faster loading and application response times
As detailed checks into the iPhone firmware itself have revealed modifications and additions to dozens of files, it would not be a surprise to see the list of 1.01 improvements and enhancements grow.

Officially, Apple has not updated it's release notes regarding the 1.01 firmware. Until they do, we'll have to continue depending on user reports to determine exactly what the update contained.