Official Gmail iPhone App Completely Redesigned

Google has been busy launching iOS apps lately. The stand-alone YouTube application received full iPad and iPhone 5 optimization for the first time yesterday. Now Gmail users can rejoice that Google has completely redesigned the official iOS Gmail application.

Gmail 2.0 for iOS

Not only did the app get a new icon and a slick user interface update, but several new features have been added to make life easier for Gmail fans. Multiple account support makes it possible to quickly switch between up to 5 different Google accounts. Search predictions are entered as you type, and iPhone 5 optimization means mail is displayed using the entire screen.

Not only this, but Gmail 2.0 has an infinite scrolling inbox and supports Google+ interactive posts. You can also respond to Google Calendar invites directly in the app, simplifying the process. As always, the official Gmail iOS app has the usual notification center, badge and lock screen options so you get notified of mail quickly. Threaded conversations make it easy to keep track of email messages, and profile pictures are automatically displayed in each conversation.

Mail can be organized much like the web browser interface, with archiving, labeling, starring and spam reporting built in. Auto-complete will check your iPhone contacts to quickly identify the person you're trying to email. The app can even send and receive attachments. If your iOS device has iOS 5 or later installed, you can download Gmail version 2.0 from the App Store free of charge.